Stlth compatible pods on dark abstract background
Choosing S-Compatible Pods

There are a wide variety of closed-pod starter kits on the market with fantastic battery life. Closed pods are also known as pre filled pods. From the Vuse Epod device, to the Relx, none of them have managed to gain the traction that the brand we're going to talk about toda...

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6 Facts About Vaping
6 Facts About Vaping

Here is what you need to know if your looking to quit smoking and join the other Millions of vape users in Canada. Don't let the negative media fool you, vaping is here to stay. 1) Vaping is a way to enjoy the feeling of smoking, without the negatives. Witho...

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Comparing the elfbar to other disposables blog picture on
Comparing The Elf Bar To Other Disposables

What Are Disposable Vapes? Disposable vapes, unlike regular vapes, come fully charged and pre-filled with e-juice. They offer vapers the convenience of being able to use the vape straight out of the packaging, are are meant to be disposed of once the...

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Top vape juices of september 2022 blog picture on
Top E-Juices of September 2022

Regardless of if you're going back for another semester at post-secondary, continuing the same old routine or finding yourself in a adjustment period, there's no better time to switch up that flavor of E-juice....

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The best dessert e-juices blog banner picture on
The Best Dessert E-juices

With vaping, one of the best parts is being able to choose a flavo...

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Choosing a disposable vape blog picture on
Choosing a Disposable

Looking to buy a Disposable vape?  Check out this buyers guide and get some insight!

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New Devices Of June 2022

With Summer about to kick into full swing, it is the perfect time to upgrade your device. This month, we’ve unleashed a wide variety of new products ranging from Read more

sub ohm vaping devices on dark abstract backdrop
Top 5 Sub Ohm Devices

Vaping has come a long way since its early days. It seems like every year a new style of vapes take over the market, bringing something new to the table. One style of device that has proven to stand the test of time is the Sub-Ohm device. Known for their massive Read more

Open pod vaping devices on dark abstract wallpaper with the words: switching to an open pod system
Switching To An Open Pod System

The vaping industry is always changing. New devices, juice & other products keep the market on a consistent rotation that always allows users to explo...

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Which Is The Best First Vape Kit?

Which Is The Best First Vape Kit? The following factors should be taken into consideration before buying your first vape kit or e-cigarette kit. Let's discuss the factors you should consider when choosing a Read more


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