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What Is Vaper's Tongue?

by Marketing Team 08 Nov 2021 0 Comments
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An unexpected and without warning condition known as "Vaper's tongue" occurs when a vaper loses all taste for vape juice. Most vapers will encounter this issue from time to time, as it is a nearly universal phenomenon. Vapers' tongue typically lasts for a couple of hours to a few days, but some have reported it persists for several weeks without being able to taste their vapes.

Vapers developed the term years ago when they noticed on occasion that their tongues developed a coating that blocked their ability to taste. Although a vaper's tongue won't affect nicotine absorption or vapor production, it will prevent you from tasting the full flavor of the juice. With this guide, we will look at the causes and nine ways to overcome it.

What's causing your vape to lack flavor

Fortunately, all of our taste buds regenerate once every ten days, so each of us has anywhere from 2,000 to 8,000 in our mouth. In order to keep your taste buds functioning properly, saliva is needed to maintain your gustatory sense. By inhaling a vape and requiring so much mouth breathing (drying up saliva), vaping can sometimes cause a dry mouth. A lack of saliva makes it almost impossible for us to taste anything.

Vapers tongue

In addition to flavor fatigue, you may be unable to taste your e-liquid due to vape tongue. Science experiments in grade school have shown that the olfactory sense loses its ability to perceive an aroma the longer it is exposed to it. Your olfactory sense, also known as your olfactory system, works together with your taste buds for full flavor perception. There is a commonly known fact that up to 70% of flavor is determined by smell.

Finally, some believe they suffer from vaper's tongue because they smoke, or have only recently quit. Research indicates that smoking can cause problems with taste. Your taste will be impaired if you have recently quit smoking and especially if you are still smoking. Generally, it will take up to a month from the time you stop to correct itself, but there is no specific time frame.

Here are 9 ways to remove vaper's tongue

  1. Keep hydrated: Staying hydrated is not only important for health, but can also help you get the best taste from your vape. Drink more water, especially if you vape frequently. In order to get rid of dry mouth, drink more water no matter what the cause may be.

  2. You should limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol: Beverages containing caffeine or alcohol can dry out your mouth on contact, and they are diuretics, so they make you urinate more frequently. In turn, this can cause dehydration and vaper's tongue. It is advisable to limit consumption of these two drugs if you are experiencing dry mouth.

  3. You can use an oral hydration product to temporarily relieve dry mouth. Biotene (and similar products) are dental hygiene aids. In addition to mouthwash, sprays, toothpaste, and overnight gels, these products are available in various forms. As opposed to other oral cleaning and freshening products, Biotene does not contain alcohol. PG and VG are among the ingredients in Biotene, as they are in e-liquids.

  4. Make sure your tongue is clean: Maintaining a clean tongue ensures optimal flavor from your vape. Remember to brush your tongue, and if you feel like going the extra mile, there are tongue scrapers available for removing the film from your tongue.

  5. Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health. You will also be able to taste better as a result. Your taste may not return right away if you recently stopped smoking. Be persistent!

  6. Chain vapers will suffer from a loss of taste and smell perception due to constant use. Take longer breaks in between vaping sessions. Increase your nicotine level to cut back on vaping time. Higher nicotine levels should keep you satisfied for longer periods of time without needing a second hit. Instead of increasing your nicotine, just take longer breaks between vaping sessions to give your taste buds a break.

  7. By vaping the same juice all the time, it will eventually become less vibrant than it was before. The olfactory sense can only focus on a single aroma for a limited amount of time. It's a good idea to change things up a bit to combat flavor fatigue. Take advantage of this opportunity to try flavors you would not ordinarily vape. You can always go back to vaping later if you need a break from it. It would be best if you used a flavor from an entirely different category. When you're used to fruity or candy flavors, try a coffee or tobacco flavor.

  8. Even if you're not a fan of menthol flavor, a cooling or mentholated flavor might be exactly what you need right now. Menthol does not actually need to be tasted or smelled in order to be felt. Thermoreceptors are activated by menthol, which is why you can feel it in your eyes or on your skin. By switching to mentholated vapes, you can reset your taste buds and take a break from fruity and dessert flavors.

  9. You can also vape unflavored base to get over vapers' tongues. The experience is similar to taking a break from vaping, but without actually doing it. Unflavored e-liquid has no taste at all-just a slight sweetness-so you won't miss out on any flavor. DIY shops typically sell unflavored vape juice. You can choose the PG/VG ratio and level of nicotine that you prefer. In addition to this, unflavored vape juice is usually more affordable than flavored vape juice.

How to deal with persistent vaper's tongue

In the event that you're still experiencing vaper's tongue after trying all of the methods above, something else could be at play.

The majority of Americans are currently taking prescription drugs, and many of them cause dry mouth as a side effect. There are common medications used to treat depression, anxiety, allergies, colds, and many other common ailments that can cause dry mouth. It is also known that cannabis products cause similar effects, especially when vaporized.

It might have been the combination of your medication and vaping that finally caused you to develop dry mouth, even if you have never had it before. Contact your dentist or doctor if the problem persists.

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