5 Tips For Beginner Vapers!

5 Tips For Beginner Vapers!

With summer right around the corner, there are bound to be a lot of new people quitting smoking and getting into vaping. During these transitional times, the experience is going to be different for everyone. That being said, there are some crucial things all beginners can do to provide the most ideal vaping experience possible. While we are always happy to help you with any setups & questions in store, here are five ways that you can guarantee the best vaping experience possible.

Picking The Right Device
Walking into any vape store for the first time can be overwhelming. With the wide array of products available ranging from beginner to intermediate, you may often think bigger or pricier means better and essential. However, that is not always the case. There are a lot of factors that come into play. For example, while bigger devices like a dual battery kit would provide things such as a bigger cloud & flavor, a smaller, open pod device such as a Caliburn would be preferable for a higher nicotine delivery.
As much as there’s a lot of decision in the appearance of a device, here are some other things to consider when picking a device.

Weight & Size
Some devices are often heavier than they appear, especially if it takes external batteries. Considering you’ll likely have your vape with you on the go, checking if it will fit in your pocket or bag should be something to keep in mind.

Battery life
Every device will have a different battery life. The mah a device has will generally be the best way to determine what's the best.

What are my coil/pod options?
Every device will have its own type of tank or pod with a specific set of coils. These coils

range in resistance from device to device. The resistance determines how smooth or intense a puff will be, which is unique to every user.

What nicotine level am I vaping?
If you’re vaping on a 20mg salt nic, you are going to want to avoid using high powered box mods & sub-ohm tanks. Open pod devices that vape at a lower heat would provide an overall better, and smoother experience.

Staying Within The Correct Wattage of Your Coils
As much as cloud chasing and cranking the wattage. There is a reason why there is a recommended wattage on all coils. Heating your coils to the correct temperature will not only provide the ideal amount of vapor and flavor, but it will also prevent things like leaking & burning. When you are vaping under the recommended wattage of a coil, you are preventing the juice from heating to the point where it becomes vapor, which prevents you from properly inhaling. When you vape at a wattage higher than the recommended, you put your device at risk for overheating issues, burnt coils, and many other issues. If you do enjoy those high wattage vaping experiences, make sure that your coil is compatible and capable for that sort of activity.

Rotating Your Vape Juices
As much as you may love a certain flavor, it’s always important to try new flavors and explore the wide array of options available. Also, once you've been vaping any juice for prolonged periods of time, the flavor of your vape juice may lose its intensity. This is completely ordinary & there's nothing wrong with your tank or your device. You just have “vaper's tongue”, as the e-cigarette community refers to it, and it simply means that your taste buds have gotten used to that flavor.

The world of vaping is incredibly large which means that there are hundreds, even thousands of flavors to choose from. From fruits & desserts to tobacco (and even mixes of them all!), your new favorite flavor might be right in front of you! Especially for smokers who transition to vaping with strictly tobacco flavors, consider checking out a fruit or dessert flavor as it is a whole new experience!

Some of our most popular E-Juices are…
Canada E-Clouds
- “Dragon Slayer”
Lift - Frozen Pineapple Lime
Twelve Monkeys - Kanzi
Ultimate 100 - Looped
Shipwreck - Leviathan

Create a Nicotine Plan
A big perk with vaping versus smoking is that you have the freedom of choosing your nicotine levels. On top of that you also have options such as freebase nicotine or salt nicotine. Nicotine salts are faster releasing & higher concentrated juice, more designed for smokers. Whereas freebase is a slower releasing, less concentrated juice. You can learn more about the differences here.
Thanks to the structuring of nicotine in vaping, it is very easy to create a plan to gradually decrease your nicotine overtime. With vaping being so free range, it is important to keep an eye on your nicotine levels & intake, as moderation is key.

Properly Storing Your Device & Juices
Having proper storage for your vape device and juices are key in providing a healthy & safe experience. When storing your bottles or pods of juice, there are many factors that come into play. Keeping your juice out of heat & sunlight will prevent the liquid compounds from breaking down and altering the flavor of your juice. When exposed to air, oxygen reacts with nicotine to produce cotinine. This is the process within which the nicotine in your juice will begin to “break down” and the nicotine will lose its strength and intensity. Most of the time, this won't be noticeable, but it's best to avoid it as much as possible as there is a chance of you getting sick if you were to vape and inhale juice that is old, but the chances of that happening are relatively low.
These are 5 out of the many ways that you can optimize your vaping experience. Like we mentioned, vaping is going to be a different experience for everyone, which is why we are here to help. Head into any of our storefronts or browse online at www.dragonvape.com for more information on everything we carry!