An Introduction To Vaping For BEGINNERS

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Interested in learning how to make an informed choice about vaping if you are completely new to it? We're here to help! Whatever size a vape kit is, it should include the following three elements:

  • tank and coil
  • A liquid used for e-cigarettes
  • Power is provided by its battery or mod


    Firstly let's talk about the tank and coil since they will dictate what kind of e-juice you need, and how much power you will need. The two main types of tanks are:
    Mouth to lung tanks draws tight, restricting air into the lungs. This simulates the feeling of smoking by transferring the vapour into your mouth before inhaling. As these tanks use high-resistance coils that don't require much power or e-juice, the devices themselves can be small, no matter what the tank's size and amount of vapour it produces. Mouth to lung tanks usually produces a smaller volume of vapour compared to direct lung tanks.
    If you use a direct-to-lung tank, you should inhale the vapour straight into your lungs. Compared to higher-power tanks, these tanks use coils that have a lower resistance, so they consume e-juice more quickly, but also produce a stronger flavor.
    Vapor is produced by the coil head located inside of the tank. It is composed of two parts: a heated metal wire and a wick to absorb e-juice (usually cotton). Depending on the frequency of use, coils should be replaced every 1 - 4 weeks on average due to degrading over time. In order to increase a coil's lifespan, it is recommended that you not run it at too high a wattage or let it get too dry. If you start noticing burned flavors or experience leaking, it's always a good idea to replace your coil. For some tanks, there are multiple coil choices. In most cases, the coil includes a recommendation for the amount of power that should be used, which is printed on the side. The power rating will show you how much vapour will be produced and how much battery power will be required. Coils are integral parts of most new pod systems, so like the coils themselves, the pods need to be replaced if the coil needs to be changed.


    Also known as Vape Juice, E-liquid is made up of four main ingredients:
    • vegetable glycerin (VG)
    • propylene glycol (PG)
    • food flavourings
    • nicotine (if applicable)
    It produces very large volumes of thick vapour, because high VG e-liquids are thicker than lower VG e-juices. As a result, they are ideal for direct-to-lung tanks with larger coils. Higher PG e-liquids are thinner, cause less vapour, but produce a stronger throat hit. Because of this, they can be used with mouth-to-lung tanks that have smaller coils. In mouth to lung tanks, it is better to steer clear of high VG vape juices as, with the thicker liquid, the cotton will take longer to wick into the coil and will likely run dry more quickly than it should. Direct-to-lung tanks shouldn't be filled with high PG vape juice, since a thinner liquid combined with a larger coil might lead to leaks. The choices of vape juice flavors are extremely subjective; some vapers prefer to stick with tobacco flavors because the taste is familiar, while others like something a little different like fruit, mint, or dessert. Every vaper has different flavors they prefer, so when finding the flavors that work best for you, go with your gut and try out multiple flavors. Smokers should carefully consider what tanks they use and how much vapour they produce to obtain appropriate nicotine levels, since a higher percentage of nicotine means a stronger throat hit and more overall intake. Most commonly, direct-to-lung tanks should only contain 3mg of nicotine, with 0mg–6mg being the most recommended amount. Having an excessive amount of nicotine can cause throat irritation and a bitter taste in direct-to-lung tanks. To ensure you're getting the right level of nicotine, try a lower strength--the majority of vapers eventually use lower strengths of vape juice, but will likely discard those higher in nicotine. Due to the smaller amount of vapour produced by mouth to lung tanks, they can be used with higher nicotine e-liquid, such as 12mg and above. In the mouth-to-lung vaping market, nicotine salt e-liquid has become more readily available, emulating smoking more closely. Tobacco contains nicotine salts, which are naturally occurring states of nicotine that provide a faster rate of absorption and a smoother inhalation. This is why nicotine salt e-liquids can be found in much higher concentrations, but they should only be used in vaporizers that generate small quantities of vapor. You should avoid using high-level nicotine salts in direct-to-lung devices.


    Battery or mod refers to the power source. Each has its own functionality, and their requirements depend on the coil head and tank used. In many cases, the mod's size is directly correlated to how big the tank it is powering is. Vape pens and pod systems typically use small batteries that draw automatically or use a single button to operate, usually without much option for customizing the power. You will be able to customize your vaping experience by using a mod that allows you to adjust voltage, wattage, temperature, and power curve. Mods that use removable high-drain batteries will be needed for larger tanks and coils needing more power. It's true that the more batteries in a mod, the higher the power and longer the battery life, but this also adds to the device's overall weight. To ensure your vaping experience is uninterrupted, it's a good idea to have extra batteries charged for removable battery mods. Those who want something that is similar to smoking may be interested in our mouth-to-lung bundles. Direct to lung bundles are good for those who prefer a bit more vapour production. In either case, it's best to check out our e-liquid bundles for a chance to sample different e-liquids and find which ones work best for you.