Caliburn G Review

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The UWell Caliburn G Open Pod Kit

From the creators of the mega popular Caliburn, UWell has made a new and improved version of the classic device. The Caliburn G is the newest addition to the Caliburn line. It comes with a new set of features as well. So let's dive right in and check out the Caliburn G!

 Caliburn G


  • Integrated 690 mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • 15W Output
  • 0.1 Ohm Resistance
  • 2mL Capacity
  • MTL & DTL Airflow Options

Bigger Battery

The Caliburn G has a bigger battery than the original Caliburn. It features a 690mAh internal and rechargeable battery where the original has a 520mAh. This gives the Caliburn G a larger battery capacity and battery life. Though it is only slightly bigger it is a step in the right direction for future releases.


Replaceable Coils

The Caliburn is known for having replaceable pods with built in coils,  the Caliburn G takes a new direction. Now, the coils are also replaceable! They also come with a lower resistance that provides more flavour and a bit of a stronger throat hit. The 0.8ohm is lower resistance and stays warmer during use. The coils are easy to install, using a press fit system. Having replaceable coils also makes it more affordable than constantly buying new pods constantly. 


Adjustable Airflow

The Caliburn G now features adjustable airflow! This is brand new to the Caliburn line and can be changed for your preferred vaping style. All you have to do is flip the pod for either direct-lung or mouth-to-lung vaping. This is a huge upgrade from the original Caliburn! 



The Caliburn G is slightly larger than the original, but it is barely noticeable. It has slight ridges on the outer shell to help with grip. It makes the device super easy to handle! It also has a more appealing look to it than the original. It is sleek, modern and easily portable. It is perfect for new and experienced vapers alike!


What We Don't Like

Better Upgrades

Though the Caliburn G has a bunch of upgrades from the original they are not significantly different devices. As an example, the battery is larger but with the 0.8ohm coils, the device is still powering at the same rate as the original. This makes the upgrade almost insignificant. It is like this for many of the features as well. Yes, this device has its perks, but t is only a step in the right direction. 


In Conclusion...

The Caliburn G is a great device and has upgraded from the original. It is handy and perfect for all vapers alike. It does a ton that the original can't, which makes it stand out from the rest of the line. Be sure to grab yours today at!