Can I Vape When I'm Sick?

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 Vaping When You're Sick

One common misconception about vaping is that most people think that you can't vape at all while you're sick! This is actually not the case at all. One fun fact about vaping is that when you're sick, using minty e-liquids can actually clear your sinuses! Crazy right? This is a trick I use all the time!

Not only is it a great way to clear up your sinuses but also helps ease throat pain. It sounds like a lie, but I promise it isn't! This goes for if you feeling under the weather or even struggling with a stuffy nose from allergies. 

Here are some of our best mint/peppermint e-juices to help with those sore throats and runny noses!


LiFT Frozen Pineapple Lime

Frozen Pineapple Lime is a fan favourite and for a good reason. This e-juice is delicious! Not only that, but the minty properties of this e-liquid will also help clear out those pesky sinuses. It also comes in freebase and nic salt options as well! This is one that you don't want to miss out on! Be sure to grab a bottle online or at your Dragon Vape location!


If you're a fan of Nic salts but are feeling under the weather then this is the e-liquid for you! Fresh Burst is extremely minty and is perfect for clearing those sinuses. Being a blend of many mint leaves makes this e-juice cool and refreshing as well! Grab a bottle today at Dragon Vape.


Another Nic salt from Allday Vapor to look out for! Bacco Mint is the perfect blend of tobacco flavours with a minty finish. This is perfect for those who are looking for the tobacco taste but might be feeling a bit under the weather! This e-liquid will not only keep you refreshed but also will make soothe that sore throat and runny nose! Be sure to head over to your local Dragon Vape and pick it up today!

Burst Blizzard Berry

Berry from Burst Blizzard will be the perfect fit for those seeking a mint but fruity flavour. This blend of grapes, strawberries, blueberries and mixed berries will keep you refreshed and cool. It will also help with that cold you have as well! The Burst Blizzard line has a ton of tasty flavours with that mint finish. Get rid of that stuffy nose today with this flavour! Available online and at your local Dragon Vape store.

Nasty SALT Bad Blood

Bad Blood will be a great fit for you if you're looking for something fruity and minty to help clear up that nose! It features blackcurrant flavours with the cool mint exhale. This comes in a Nic salt only but is available online and in-stores now! Be sure to grab a bottle today.

So there you have it! Some mint e-liquids to help you during these cold seasons to help with clearing up your sinuses! These will also keep you feeling refreshed and feeling better in no time. Be sure to check them out at!