Coils & Vaping

Coils & Vaping

When making the transition from smoking to vaping, one thing you may notice immediately is there’s a lot more mechanisms at play compared to a cigarette and a lighter. Batteries, E-juice, tanks, mods and more all play a pivotal role in providing you with a perfect vaping experience. But more than any of those, one the most important pieces that will make or break your time vaping are coils. The coils in a vape device allow for the E-juice to heat up and deliver flavor and nicotine to your lungs. However, when that coil burns out it can give some real nasty flavors and feelings in your throat. Today we’re going to be discussing ways you can avoid burning your coils.

#1 - Correctly Priming Your Coils
First and foremost, priming your coils is a necessity in order to provide yourself with a proper vaping experience. Skipping this step will automatically ruin your coils, flavor and eagerness to continue vaping. Priming your coils varies per device. For open pod systems, it’s as simple as letting juice sit in a pod for about 10 minutes the first time you fill it before vaping. When it comes to Sub-Ohm devices, the first thing to do is saturate the visible cotton on the coil with a couple drops of E-juice. After this, put the coil in the tank, fill it up and take a few dry hits. A dry hit is when you take a hit without clicking the battery's fire button. Simply tighten the airflow, and drag four or five times as normal. You'll be able to siphon e-juice from the tank onto the cotton by doing so.

#2 - Staying Within The Proper Wattage of Your Coil
Every coil has a set resistance that is set to be vaped at a certain wattage. With variable wattage devices, your coil will have a set range. This set range is not a recommendation, but literally the range designed to avoid burning. The higher the wattage your device is the faster you're going to be burning your coil and running through E-Juice at a much quicker rate. If you are a cloud chaser, be sure to check that your coils are designed for high wattage vaping. For best results, staying in the middle of that range will be your best option. For example, if a coil is rated 40-60w, the sweet spot would be 50w.

#3 - Keep Your Tank Filled
This is probably the most straightforward and easy to do tip on this list. Keeping your tank or pod filled is one of the simplest ways to avoid your coil burning out fast. When your coil is not saturated with E-Juice, the coil will eventually dry up, resulting in dry, flavorless & burnt tasting hits.

#4 - Gage Your Flavors Intensity
What not alot people realize is that the intensity of your flavor will 100% play a major role in how quickly your coils are going to burn out. Desert flavors especially contain some sweeteners that will eat away at your coils much faster than something like menthol or fruit E-juice. For ultimate coil length, consider trying something like our Lift Flavorless.

#5 - Vaping Liquids With a High VG Rating
All E-liquids contain both VG (Vegetable Glycerin), the cloud element and PG (Propylene Glycol), the flavor element. What separates different kinds of E-liquid is how much of each property is in that liquid. Every coil is designed for a certain VG/PG ratio. Generally, these ratios are 50/50, 70/30 or 80/20. For example, a coil head designed for salt nicotine will work best with E-Juices that sit around that 50/50 ratio. Make sure to verify that your coils are designed for the VG/PG rating your juice is at.

#6 - Spread Your Pulls Out
Everything works in moderation. When you “chain vape” your device quickly in short periods of time, you are constantly heating & unheating your coil. Allowing your coil to fully heat down in between long pulls will help contribute in the long run to coil longevity. Taking 3-5 second breaks between each pull is the most effective way to do this. These are 6 ways that you can keep your coil lasting as long as possible. We have a wide variety of coils available for different devices and types of E-Liquid. For this and more information, be sure to check out our online shop or head into your nearest Dragon Vape storefront!