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The Do's And Don'ts Of Vaping Blog Post Read Online Vape Shop Canada

Many non-vapers have criticized vaping, and selective media reports have only exacerbated this negative perspective. As vapers, we should be conscious of our actions and considerate of non-vapers to ensure that we do not offend others or perpetuate stereotypes.

Listed below are some vaping dos and don'ts that can help you keep your surrounding comfortable while you vape.


  • You should not blow vapour into others' faces. It's disrespectful, it's not funny, and it's upsetting to fellow vapers as well.
  • Smoke in a public space without the owner of the space's permission and without the consent of other people. Not everyone will like the smell of your new vape liquid, and some may even develop an allergy to vapour if they are exposed to it for a prolonged period.
  • Do not start vaping in small spaces like cars or houses, with kids. The surroundings of children are beyond their control. Vapour and smoke in confined spaces should in no way be done around children. Additionally, watching you vape might give them the impression that vaping is cool and that they should try it.
  • The purchase of an e-cigarette or a vaporizer on behalf of a minor is prohibited. Among other things, this is illegal and encourages young people to vape. Originally, vaping was intended to break people of their dependence on nicotine, not to start one.


  • To keep your vapour from invading others' personal spaces, exhale directly up or down when in public. If there is even a small breeze, you could blow your exhaled vapour into someone else's home.
  • Consider using a low-power, small device in public. The large amounts of vapour created by high-powered vapes may disturb those around you.
  • Don't smoke in smoke-free areas. This ban also applies to vaping, and it should be followed. In most buildings, even outside, smoking or vaping is permitted at a minimum distance from doors or exits. You should be far away from any doors and be respectful of everyone.
  • Whenever you vape, do so in designated areas.