Everything To Know About Vape Tanks

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In an e-cigarette, the tank contains the liquid that will be vaporized. A coil will normally be housed inside of these sections so that e-liquid can be drawn into the atomizer and vaporized.

In order to use different types of e-cigarettes, different tanks are required. We'll go over the basic kinds of tanks you'll come across.


Since high-powered box mods became popular, sub-ohm tanks have become increasingly popular. In sub-ohm tanks, the coil is so thin that it has less than 1ohm of resistance (Ω). Unlike clearomizers, this tank will produce a lot of vapour and will require higher power levels. Sub-ohm tanks need to be rinsing periodically with warm water to remove e-liquid residue, since they are reusable.


A cartridge used in a cigarette like a device is called a "cartomizer". The atomizer is pumped with e-liquid through the polyfill in these tanks, and once the atomizer is finished, the tank is disposed of. There are different kinds of cartridges, and some are refillable.


Clearomizers are refillable tanks with a clear window that shows the fluid level inside. Tanks for clearomizers are often found in pen vapes, but they can also be found in box mods. Because the atomizer coil is replaceable on a clearomizer, it can be rinsed regularly to prevent the buildup of e-liquid.


Vape pods are a relatively new type of electronic cigarette, using a detachable pod tank containing a coil to produce vapor. Depending on the type of pod, some may be refillable (open systems) while others are pre-filled and cannot be refillable (closed systems). The only thing that needs to be done is to replace the coil when the coil runs out.