Looking at the Aegis Boost Plus!

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What to Expect from the Aegis Boost Plus!

The Aegis Boost Plus is the newest addition to the GeekVape line. It is the new and improved version of the Aegis Boost Pod System which has already been introduced to the line. The Boost Plus is more powerful than ever before with many amazing features to offer.

Aegis Boost Plus Review Video


  • 40 Watts
  • 18650 Battery
  • IP67 Rating
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • 5.5ml Pod

What Did We Like About the Boost Plus?


The design of the Aegis Boost Plus is a pod mod kit that is very durable. It's even weatherproof! This means no matter the weather your Boost Plus will survive if it is in your bad or packet while walking in the rain, wind or snow! This makes it extremely durable and waterproof, so don't worry if you accidentally drop it in the toilet. It's also extremely lightweight, making it easy to hold as well.


Yes, this device comes with many features but they are fairly simple to use. Such as the firing button and two adjustment keys, pretty standard. The triple system makes your vaping experience very enjoyable. The system makes for gigantic clouds and awesome flavour. This device features an adjustable airflow option. It is easy to change, making your vaping experience extra customizable. This is pretty impressive for a 40-watt kit as well. 


The pods the Aegis Boost Plus comes with a 5.5ml pod, that is refillable. This is perfect for any of your favourite E-Juice flavours, and with the wide variety that Dragon Vape offers, there are plenty to choose from. It also does not leak, making sure all your favourite juices stay exactly where they are supposed to be.


What Did We NOT Like?


The coils in the pods are pre-installed, and you are unable to change them. I'm not going to lie this is kind of an annoying feature. Especially when you are looking for a different type of vaping experience. The coils are only rated for about 25-watts, considering it was a 40-watt kit. The coils are defiantly something that could have been changed.   

Final Thoughts

This is a very well-made pod mod kit. The Aegis Boost Plus is one that does everything you need, perfect for direct-to-lung vaping. It still is all around a good kit though, be sure to purchase one today.