GK2 Review

GK2 Review

We’ve seen the calibrun go through quite a few style and design changes over the years. The newest and arguably most interesting looking one to hit our shelves is the new Caliburn GK2. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the device overall and if it’s worth making the upgrade!

So starting off with the specs of this device, the GK2 is a 690mah battery device with its wattage sitting around 18 watts. It has a sleek square design that’s super comfortable in the hand. Similar to the AK2 & A2 cross functionality, this device actually takes pods you might already have.

The Caliburn AK2 uses G2 pods that you’ve come to love and know in your G2 device. You’ll still have all the features of the pods with adjustable airflow & resistance options of 1.2 & 0.8. What really stands out on this device however is the actual design on the device. There’s a sort of futuristic feel when looking at the GK2. This is available in a wide variety of colorways as well as all with a unique take on the cyberpunk design you’re seeing.

What also makes this stand out from previous Koko style designs is the juice window on the side of the device, which lets you keep an eye on the amount of juice in your pod. This will avoid things like dry hits and burning your coil out faster than you should.

The starter kit comes packed and ready to go with two pods. One 1.2 and one 0.8 so you can try both and decide which one you prefer for when it comes time to buy more. It also comes with a pretty cool lanyard to attach to the device so you can always keep it on you.

Essentially if you are looking for a G2 style device you now have two options to choose from, but is the GK2 the way to go? If you don’t already have a G2 device, I would highly recommend taking a look at the GK2. Its fit in the hand and beautiful designs alone make it worth my recommendation, but it is a great counterpart to its predecessor. This is also just a great starter device in general, as it is easy to maintain and use.

If you already have a G2 though, the GK2 won’t be something you need to rush out and get, as it essentially works and hits the same way. That being said, this would be a great backup device for G2 users simply because it takes the same pods, so switching over would be simple.

My only real con with this device is its battery. While the G2 has a 750mah battery, this one only has a 690mah battery. This isn’t a drastic difference as it’s less than 100mah in between, but when comparing the two, you may notice the G2 lasts slightly longer on a full charge. Nevertheless, the GK2 uses speedy type-c charging, so dead batteries won’t really be an issue on the device.

At the end of the day, I would absolutely recommend the GK2 as a great starter device. Thanks to its great use of the already reputable G2 pods and overall solid design and feel, there’s no going wrong with this device.