How to Pick the Right Level of Nic for You?

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Did you know that Ontario recently banned the production and distribution of e-juice containing 50mg of nicotine? This is because this level of nicotine has been stated to hold as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. This defeats the entire purpose of switching to vaping.

One of the useful functions of owning a vape is that it is totally customizable to suit your preferences and likings. Not only are there a range of e-juice flavours to suit your taste, you can also choose exactly how much nicotine you’d like in your tank.

If you are looking to quit cigarettes by vaping, start off with a higher percentage of nicotine to match your tolerance, then slowly decrease the amount until you no longer hold the same cravings you once did. The same works for regular vapers who have been puffing for a while but are aiming to decrease their intake.

How to calculate the level of nic?

As helpful a tool this may be, calculating nic can also become quite confusing with the different measurements. Some bottles of e-liquid state that there is just 2% nicotine in the tank whereas others may mention up to 20mg/mL in the bottle.

So which measurement should you trust? Milligrams or percentages? Do the strengths in each differ?

Well, they both actually mean the same. The percentage is simply calculated by dividing the amount of mg (milligrams) per ml (milliliter) by 10. Here are a few examples:

● 2mg/mL = 0.2%
● 5mg/mL = 0.5%
● 12mg/mL = 1.2%
● 24mg/mL = 2.4%
● 36 mg/mL = 3.6%

You can also find e-juice with 0mg/mL nic which means it has zero nicotine and a far healthier choice by any means. Each range of nicotine provides a different level of strength in terms of providing a head-rush.

The higher the percentage, the stronger and harsher the hit. Therefore higher
percentages of nicotine are not recommended for those who aren’t hooked to the substance as it may be too strong for your liking. Strong concentrations could even leave a bitter, burned taste in your mouth.

If the highest level of nicotine isn’t doing you justice, there’s also salt nic, which is essentially e-juice that requires lower temperatures to vaporize but provides a stronger hit. Salt nic holds the same ranges of nicotine as regular (freebase) nic juice. However since it uses lower temperatures, the hit doesn’t feel as harsh.

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