How to Vape in Cold Temperatures

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Can you sub-ohm in sub-zero temperatures? Have you noticed that your device doesn't perform as well outdoors as it does indoors? Vaping indoors has been restricted in nearly every country in the world due to new regulations. You're more likely to need to take your breaks outdoors. We've gathered the best 6 vaping tips for outdoor vaping this winter at Dragonvape.


Keep your e-liquid and device as close to your body as possible if you are going to be outdoors for a long time. Your coat's inside pocket is ideal. In a purse or bag, your gear will get much colder much faster. When the battery gets cold, it does not perform optimally, which causes strain on your device, the cells and the chips that control it. In the same way, e-liquid thickens when it becomes cold. It will cause dry hits and wear out your coils more quickly if the liquid is too cold and too thick. Make sure your gear stays close to your body to avoid performance problems.


As a follow-up from tip one, keep in mind that rapid temperature changes can also be problematic. Don't turn on your device immediately after accidentally leaving it in the car (don't do this), let it warm up first. This also applies to returning indoors after a long period outdoors. E-liquid isn't the only thing that changes as a result of temperature - the wick inside your coils can tighten up, as well as the condensation within your airflow sections. A sudden temperature change from warm to cold or from cold to warm can cause batteries to lose power, cause improper condensation and cause leaks to appear. It is best to avoid extreme temperature changes and allow your gear to gradually warm up or cool down.


There's nothing better than letting as much air flow through your device as possible if you are concerned about cold temperatures constricting the material inside. When your draw is restricted and your liquid is thicker, you will experience leaks and dry hits. All the components on your device will be able to "breathe" more easily if you use a tank or device that has more airflow. A better airflow would help prevent these issues in cold climates, and larger clouds would also be a nice bonus.


There's just something about this one that makes sense. In cold weather, your gear will cool much faster than usual. If you turn up the power by just a few watts when you are out in the cold, you will be amazed at how much of a difference it makes. The cold ambient air will compensate for the higher temperature created by higher wattages, even though we usually do not recommend exceeding the recommended wattage of your coil. Just make sure you return it to its original power before going inside.


Though common sense may seem obvious, When your fingers are numb, fumbling with your batteries, filling your tank or fiddling with the settings can be miserable. Make sure you're fully prepared before heading outside so you can enjoy your vape break and return to the comfort of home.

Even in the great white north, vapers are used to outdoor vaping these days, despite the fact that it isn't ideal. During this cold winter, keep warm and stay safe.