Is Your Vaping Device Winter-Ready?

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Summer is at its end. In no time, you will be putting away your shorts and t-shirts, and bringing out those winter boots and jackets! But what about your vape? Is your device ready for low temperatures and freezing conditions?

Vaping in the winter can be uncomfortable, especially when your fingertips are numb with cold. Freezing conditions can also be damaging to the device itself.

As humans we’ve learned to adapt to seasonal changes, but not many machines can keep up. Check out these 3 simple steps to protect your vaping device and help it adapt to sub-zero temperatures to stay in prime condition for you.

1. Tuck your device in a warm place

Though e-liquids have a lower freezing point than water and are less likely to freeze, the juices can still thicken. This can ruin the quality of the juice and clog your device.

We suggest you store your vape in a warm place to keep it in top shape. You may want to consider an insulated pocket or a small bag or case. Make sure it’s not lying around on used electronic gadgets such as heated pads and hand warmers. Overheating is dangerous and damaging for your vaping device.

2. Keep it charged

Have you noticed how your phone’s battery dies out faster when you’re out in the cold? This is because freezing temperatures slow down the chemical activation within batteries, decreasing life expectancy. As a result, the device loses charge at a faster rate. The same goes for your vape. This is yet another reason to keep it in a snug, warm place at all times.

No matter where you store it, when you take it out for a few pulls outdoors, your device is bound to be exposed to freezing conditions. Even when it’s not in use, the battery slowly loses charge from the low temperatures. At such times, we recommend charging your vape when it’s not in use. That way, there are less chances of it dying out on you on-the-go.

3. Get gloves

This might seem like a no-brainer but many vapers lose their device to the cold when they hold it in their bare, freezing hands. Don’t forget that vaping devices are made of metal that absorbs temperatures like sponge. Trust our experts at DragonVape when they say you will enjoy your vaping experience twice as much if you hold it in a pair of gloves! Not only would gloves keep your hands warm but also your device, so both of you stand to gain.

As the leaves turn brown and begin to shed in the fall, it’s a good time to stock up on vaping products to save you shopping trips in the winter. Do you have enough extra pods, replacement tanks, coils and juice? Do you need a new vaping device? Would you like to give a device to a friend or loved one during the upcoming festive season? Check out DragonVape.

Dragons Vape: Get your device winter-ready!

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