Plan Your Switch To Vaping By Considering THESE 8 Factors

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Making the switch from cigarettes to vaping is a major first step toward a healthier lifestyle. As a transitional tool, vaporizing differs greatly from traditional NRT methods, so knowing when to start could be challenging.

Thank goodness, we have everything you need to make your switch as smooth as possible. When planning to switch, take the following factors into account.

1. Record your average number of cigarettes smoked a day

Can you tell me how much you really smoke? It is easy to round down due to shame, but the truth is that you ought to look at how many cigarettes you smoke on average in a day and remember that number. Once you're ready, it will help you choose the correct nicotine strength for you.

2. Consider your smoking habits

What do you do when you smoke? Is the smoke gathered in your mouth before being inhaled? A mouth-to-lung electronic cigarette is likely to be a pleasant experience for you. Perhaps you breathe in the smoke directly. Then, you'd better opt for an e-cigarette that lets you inhale directly.

3. Establish a budget

How would you describe your budget? If you care for your vaping device, you won't need to buy another one for a while, so switching to vaping does require an initial investment. There is no direct correlation between price and quality, but it will determine what kind of vape you will choose. If you were to buy an e-cigarette, how much would you be willing to spend?

4. Choose a kit type that suits your style

Is a large and flashy kit what you want? Alternatively, something discreet and small might do. If you are often outdoors, you might want to consider something tougher. It is important to know what kind of device will work best for you and your lifestyle before making the switch.

5. Don't stress over NRT

In addition to patches, gums, lozenges, and sprays, other nicotine-related products are great as well. If you switch to vaping, you won't need them. In the right strength, e-liquids with nicotine can help satisfy your cravings. If used in addition to other nicotine products, many NRT methods (including the patch) warn against nicotine overdose.

6. Identify the flavors that might help you transition

You're more likely to stick with vaping if you find an e-liquid you enjoy. It is common for beginners to want to maintain familiarity, which can make the transition easier. For this reason, they usually begin with a tobacco flavor. Nevertheless, there is a wide range of flavors to choose from- fruits, desserts, and mints. You don't have to limit yourself to these flavors in order to use nicotine. When choosing e-liquids, consider the kinds of flavors you enjoy in food and drinks. Consider trying out a few different flavors if you aren't sure which you prefer? There are many flavours to choose from, so you're certain to find at least one that you enjoy.

7. Ensure your willingness to succeed

Both hand-to-mouth habits and nicotine consumption can be obtained through vaping. It may still take some willpower for you to fully make the switch. You may still experience some residual cravings after quitting tobacco since you are also giving up thousands of other chemicals your body has become used to. Nicotine-infused e-liquids, however, can make that process much easier.

8. Don't be too hard on yourself

Change and improvement are hard work. In spite of what you might think, you don't have to achieve perfection with your switch to vaping, and everyone's transition is unique. Some people find it easy to switch from cigarettes to vaping. Nevertheless, for others, there might be a period of adjustment required. Keep a positive attitude, and remember the goal is to minimize harm. Any effort you can make in that direction is worthwhile.

Congratulations on your switch! We wish you success!