Potential Vape Juice Flavour Ban in Canada

Dragon Vape Best Online Vape Shop Canada And United States Potential Vape Juice Flavour Ban In Canada

March 25th, 2021

Canadian Vape Inc has been in the depths of the Canadian vape market since 2010. We have seen the industry grow from simple flea market stalls to multi-location chains that employee hundreds of Canadians.  

It has been made loud and clear that the Canadian Government is looking to tackle the youth uptake issue by banning all flavoured e-cigarettes except for menthol and tobacco. More so, the government has made it clear that industry stakeholders such as myself are not a voice in this debate. Is this a concern?  Yes, it is. 


100% of Adult Vapers use flavoured vape products. There are currently more than 1 Million adult vapers in Canada that rely on this life-changing products to keep them away from Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes. Moreover, Harm Reduction is a right in the Canadian constitution, so why all the hate against Vaping?

Why is there no conversation of youth using Alcohol or Marijuana? The conversation has always been biased and one-sided when it comes to Vaping in Canada. The time has come for our community of one million vapers whose lives have been positively impacted by vaping to speak up.  

We need 250,000 Vapers across Canada to take two minutes and fill this pre-filled form at www.tobaccokills.ca with just your Name, Postal Code and email address to let your local MP know that flavours matter to you. The time to act is now!