RELX Infinity Review

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The New Relx Infinity!

Introducing the new Relx Infinity! It is a new addition to closed pod systems and has many tasty pod flavours to choose from. It is compact and lightweight, and super simple to use. So let's dive into the Relx Infinity Pod Device.

Relx Infinity


  • Leak-Resistant
  • Dual Charging
  • 380mAH Battery
  • 45 Minute Charging
  • Smart Pace Vibrate Alerts

 What Is Good?


The Relx Infinity is a super simple and handy device. It is a draw-activated one, making it fire just by inhaling. It is lightweight and portable, making it fit perfectly in your pocket discretely. It has a sleek and elegant design as well. 


The Relx Infinity has a quick draw when used. It gives rich vapour and doesn't get too hot. It provides the perfect temperature in each puff, this ensures the best flavour possible from each pod. When using it, it felt weightless and wasn't harsh at all. 


The Infinity comes with many great features, for instance, it has leak resistance. This means no leaks in your mouth, pocket or inside your device. This is an amazing feature that many other devices lack. It also has two ways to charge the battery! Either through a USB cable or a portable charging case. This is something you do not see often, which makes this incredibly unique.


What is Bad?


The only problem that any closed pod system is that there closed. This means that only a certain amount of flavours and pods can be used with the Infinity. This doesn't mean that it's bad necessarily, just limited. This is something that all closed pod systems like STLTH endure.

In Conclusion

The Relx Infinity is a super lightweight and unique little device. It has a lot to offer for a close pod system. It is one that you don't want to miss out on! Be sure to grab yours today at!