RPM 2 Review

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The New RPM 2!

The RPM 2 is the new and improved version in the RPM line from SMOK. It has a ton of new features that have never seen before! Let's dive into all the new and improved specs with the RPM 2.



  • 2000mAh Internal Battery
  • 1.14" TFT Colour Screen
  • 0.15-3 Ohm Range
  • RPM & RPM 2 Coil Range
  • 1-80W Output
  • 7ml Capacity

What do we like?


The new RPM 2 is no lie an amazing upgrade from the rest of the series. Though all are pretty simple to use, this device pushes that even more. The new firing button and adjustment keys are bigger than they ever have been, making them much easier to see and use. So don't worry, your finger won't accidentally click that adjustment key.


Yes, as discussed the new keys on the RPM 2 are bigger and better. But what about the size of the actual device? No need to worry, this device is still small enough to fit easily into your hand to ensure your vaping experience isn't difficult. It may not be the tiniest device, but it's small enough to fit into your back pocket with ease. For the size, it still has a beautiful 1.14" TFT Colour Screen. This tells you the wattage, battery life, etc.. and easily too!


This device keeps getting better! The RPM 2 comes with many handy safety features as well. This includes Short Circuit Protection, Over-Heating Protection, 8 Second Cut Off, Intelligent Atomizer Recognition and a Puff Monitoring System. This makes your vaping experience and your device safe and avoids any type of complication that could occur.


The RPM 2 features a massive 7ml refillable pod as well. This will let you vape frequently without having to fill up the pod constantly. This is a huge bonus since most pod systems usually have about a 3-5ml capacity. Your favorite E-Liquids will not drain quickly. If you are running low, Dragon Vape has a huge variety of E-Juice available. 

What do we not like?

Battery Life

The battery life on this one is not as good as the others, I'm not gonna lie. It has a lower capacity than the others in the line. This seems like a bit of a downgrade since the device is one of the larger pod systems. It is made up of the other features that it offers. 

Final Thoughts

Buying the RPM 2 is a no-brainer. It is a good step up in the RPM line. It has a lot of amazing features and is an amazing size. Yes, I agree that the battery life could have been a bit better, but no pod system is perfect. Though this is pretty close! Be sure to grab your today, it's a purchase you will not regret!