Signs Your Vape is in Need of a Replacement

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Vaping can be a useful way to replace your smoking habit with a better,  healthier life. It’s intended to be a safer alternative to cigarettes due to its lack of cancer-causing chemicals and toxins.
Vape juice comes in all sorts of flavours to suit your liking. However, whether you’ve been vaping for a while or you’re just beginning, it can be difficult to tell the condition of your device to check if it needs changes. Here are 3 key signs your vape juice or coil is in need of a replacement:

1.Burnt Taste

This is typically the easiest way to tell when your vape is running low on juice. When you are down to the last few hits, you’ll notice the flavour of the e-liquid starts to dissipate and taste burnt.
At this point you are directly inhaling the heat created by the coil rather than the vapor of the juice. This can be damaging to the throat and lungs. Coils must be replaced every 2-5 weeks to sustain cleaner juice quality.


Your vape juice is in need of a replacement if there are signs of a leaky pod. A leaky pod can cause damage to the vape interior which can ruin the overall product.
It can also lead to “spit-back” which occurs when the  juice directly enters your mouth without vaporizing. Don’t worry, spit back isn’t dangerous and won’t cause any serious harm but it can lead to severe nausea and headaches!


If your juice is making gurgling noises when inhaling, it means there is excess juice in your vape or your vape isn’t using enough power to heat up the juice. Gurgling can also lead to leakage which is not something you want.
If your vape shows any of these symptoms, you are in need of a new pod or coil. Before taking any action, you must determine what sort of vape you have first: 

  • Disposable
    Disposable vapes
    are named so for a reason. If you have a disposable device and it seems to be nearing its end, it’s time to dispose of the device and invest in a new one at once. How about trying a different flavour the next time you buy a new one.
  • Pods
    If your vape operates through pods (such as vypes, juuls, stlths, etc.) you should be able to take the pod out to check the amount of juice left. If the pod seems to be coming to an end, you know it’s time for a replacement. 
  • Pens & Mods
    If you have a refillable vape pen or mod, you should also be able to see the juice coming to an end in the glass tank. A glass tank has a small opening for the e-liquid to enter the device. For such devices, you will need to purchase a bottle of vape juice separately.

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