What To Expect With The NFIX

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The SMOK NFIX Open Pod System

As you know, open pod systems are one of the most sought-after vaping devices on the market. You can always fill up the pods with any Nic Salt juice of your choice! So what makes the NFix one remember? The NFix is a portable, sleek and powerful little device. Smok has created the perfect portable device that has a ton of features to offer. And you can't forget about the amazing flavour it creates with every pull!



  • 25 Watts
  • 0.69" OLED Screen
  • 1-25 Power Range
  • 700mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • 0.8ohm Coil
  • Draw Activated

What's Good About The NFix 25W?


The Smok NFix is one open pod system that has an amazing design. It is small but mighty! It is easily portable, easy to fit in your hand and pocket. It is easy to use with a power button and simple adjustment keys. It is simple for anyone to use! Whether you are a new or experienced vaper. 


The NFix has many amazing features within the tiny space it has. You can manage the range yourself, in a convenient way, and check your screen to see where you are quick. It is also has powerful and rechargeable. Not to mention the device is simply draw-activated, which makes it so easy to use. Experienced and new vapes alike can get a ton out of this little beauty.


The pods with the NFix are 3ml, and refillable! This makes it effortless to put in any e-juice or salt Nic of your choice. Thankfully, Dragon Vape has you covers with a large variety of juices to choose from! The dual coils within the pod also make for amazing flavour and vapour production too, making them some of the best open pods in the market.


What We Did Not Like?


For some, the coils already inside the pods may be seen as a downfall. This is because they cannot be changed. Being unable to swap something like this out maybe a bit annoying if you are someone looking to be able to change something like this. 

Final Thoughts 

The NFix is definitely one that you do not one to miss out on and can be a perfect fit for any type of vaper! It is almost the same as the Caliburn in some ways but has a bunch of additional features to make it just a little bit better. If you're looking for an easy-to-use portable device then make sure you grab one today!