Is The SMOK RPM 160 A Good Choice?

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What is the SMOK RPM 160 Pod Mod Kit Exactly?

Introducing the new SMOK RMP 160! It features a dual battery and is more powerful than ever. It is a bit of a larger device, but has many amazing features to look out for! It is a step up from many other devices on the market, since it is so powerful. 

If you are a fan of devices like this, this is one that you need to get your hands on ASAP! 




  • IQ-160
  • 0.96" TFT Screen
  • 18650 Dual Batteries
  • 7.5ml Pod Capacity

What Did We Like?


Finally! There are dual batteries in a portable pod system. This makes the SMOK RPM 160 a revolutionary Pod Mod. It makes the devices so much more powerful than many of the other devices out there. It can reach up to 160 Watts, just as the name suggests. Again, making the one of the most powerful devices money can buy.


This device is jam-packed with so many amazing features, it's almost unbelievable! With the IQ-160 chipset to the fact, it can fire at a near-instant 0.0015 seconds. The is a device that has so many things that makes it one of the best devices out there.


As mentioned before, the RMP 160 comes with a large 7.5ml pod. This means that it can be filled with any flavour of your choice, making the selection endless. Especially with the amazing amount of juices Dragon Vape has to offer! It also has a silicone stopper to stop any of your favourite flavours from leaking out of the pod. The pods are reliable, easy to fill and full of flavour!

What Did We Did NOT Like!


Though this device is beautiful and comes in many colours, it is a bit on the larger side for a Pod Mod Kit. It is easy to hold and easy to use. Unfortunately, it makes it not a super pocket-friendly device. I guess it really depends on how big your pockets are though. It is, however, this is not all bad since it is still a device that is easily portable. 


Yes, this device has many amazing features, which make it complicated but also easy to use. It is not a device that new vapers should really buy as a first vape. It is one that is directed towards seasoned vapers, who understand the device and can handle the 160 Watts the device has. As someone who is pretty new to the scene, this is one I would avoid until I was more comfortable with larger devices.

Final Thoughts

The SMOK RPM 160 is an amazing device, one that anyone would be lucky to get their hands on. There are so many amazing features that this device comes with, with many perks to match it! It is one, however, to probably be avoided for people who don't know much about how vapes work without a deeper understanding. However, if you are a seasoned vaper, make sure you add this to your collection soon.