Switching To An Open Pod System

Switching To An Open Pod System

The vaping industry is always changing. New devices, juice & other products keep the market on a consistent rotation that always allows users to explore and try new products. Over the past two years, without a doubt, disposable vapes have been what has hands down taken the market by storm. Often praised for their easability, wide variety of flavours and downright convenience, disposables can be a great little device for a night out or even a couple days. But what happens when that is no longer enough? Or when you find yourself buying one every two days? Where do you go from here?

When in this dilemma, we at DragonVape recommend upgrading to an open pod system. Open pod systems are some of the easiest devices to maintain & great for almost all vapers. Whether you are trying to quit smoking or looking for a great device on the go, you simply can’t go wrong. Simply put, open Pod devices are pod-style vapes, where you fill the pods with your own e-liquid & pop them into the device. Similar to a closed pod system such as an STLTH or VUSE where pods come pre-filled, there are arguably a lot more pros with the former. Today we’ll be discussing some of the many advantages of an open pod system.

Endless Flavor Options

With a disposable or a closed pod system, you are limited to the flavours that are carried within those respected brands. However, when it comes to open pod systems that require bottles of E-Juice, your options are endless. You can now explore a variety of flavour profiles ranging from Fruit to dessert to tobacco. We here at Dragon Vape carry the widest variety of juices out of any vape shop in Canada, so rest assured there will definitely be something for you. With the purchase of any starter device (IN-STORE ONLY), you will receive a free bottle of juice from select brands!


The average disposable won't last the average user more than a week. The average 30ml bottle of salt nic E-liquid lasts the average user about 3+ weeks & a pod about 2-3 weeks. If the average disposable is $21, whereas a bottle of juice & pods is about $35, if you go the disposable route, that's at least $70-80 a month! With an open pod system, that price will be noticeably lower.

Device Features

With open pod systems, there is also a wide range of devices that all provide unique experiences. On top of that, with each device, you have the freedom of altering things like your pod's resistance and in some cases even your wattage. Changing the resistance of your pods will determine the intensity of your hits, so for those looking for those devices with a stronger punch, a device like the Caliburn G2 with two pod options would be a fantastic option. All devices are also packed with great features such as adjustable airflow and amazing battery life, which brings us to our next point.

Battery Life

One of the worst feelings has to be when your disposable randomly dies and you can’t get another one. Rest assured, the worry of that is completely eliminated with open pod systems. All the devices we carry have amazing battery lifes ranging from 520mah to 1500mah. Charging these devices is as simple as plugging the device in with its provided USB-C cord. To put this into perspective, the average disposable battery clocks in at a measly 250mah.

Nicotine Control

With disposables & most closed pod systems, you are stuck with only a 2% (20mg/ml) nicotine option. For a lot of vapers who are trying to cut down their nicotine intake, they don’t really have the option to do so with those devices. When choosing your E-juice for your open pod system, you have a range of nicotine options to choose from. Both Freebase & Salt style juices provide multiple nicotine options that will cater to your specific intake needs. Pod devices are a great alternative for those who wish to quit smoking and use vaping as an alternative because they can better replicate the motions of smoking than a standard vape.

Environmentally Friendly

Recent studies have shown that more than 10% of people litter vape waste such as packaging, empty closed pods & disposables. Vape waste, unlike cigarette butts, will not biodegrade even under extreme conditions. Vape waste left on the street degrades into microplastics and chemicals, which enter storm drains and pollute our waterways and wildlife. By using an open pod system, you're not wasting as much material as you would with something like disposables or closed pods. Disposables pose the most risk for excessive waste, considering they are literally a whole device being disposed of. There is no excessive packaging for bottles of E-juice, & the boxes for open pod systems make great use for storing all your device accessories.

At the end of the day, we can’t deny that disposables and closed pod systems are perfectly fine for light and even average vapers, open pod systems are the perfect middle step up in making your vaping much better. By doing so not only are you saving quite a bit of money, but you are also opening yourself up to a vaping experience specific to your unique liking. Need some help getting started?

Here are some great device options:-
Caliburn G2 - Perfect for replicating the feeling of smoking & salt nicotine
HAVOK V1 - Designed for switching between freebase & salt nicotine e-liquid at ease
Smok Nord 4 80w - Most coil & pod freedom out of all devices, adjustable wattage up to 80watts We have a wide variety of open pod systems available to browse in-store & online at www.dragonvape.com!