The Best Dessert E-juices

The Best Dessert E-juices
With vaping, one of the best parts is being able to choose a flavor that caters specifically to your taste. There are endless options when it comes to flavored E-juice, generally either fruit, dessert or tobacco based. In today's blog post we’re going to be taking a look at some of our favorite sweeter dessert flavors.

#7: Dinner Lady - Lemon Citrus
If you’re looking for a great dessert style E-juice with a lemon finish, look no further. This Lemon Tart E-juice, made with fresh lemon zest and gooey meringue will be sure to hit the spot. This award winning E-juice has established itself as one of the best in our stores. Check it out here!

#6: LiFT - Golden Tobacco
For those who are fans of that traditional tobacco flavor, LiFT’s Golden Tobacco E-juice is a great option. Providing a smooth tobacco flavor with a perfect vanilla & caramel desert finish, this juice is a fan favorite, and for good reason. Alongside being available in both traditional freebase and salt nicotine, this E-juice is also available in a freebase 50/50 blend. To check out LiFT Golden Tobacco, click here!

#5: 416 Vapes - Hazel
Being a local brand, we couldn’t love 416 Vapes Hazelnut flavor Hazel more. They themselves describe this E-juice as a A subtle e-juice flavor that’s perfectly blended with hazelnuts that will absolutely make you go nuts for this flavor. This recipe is hands down a fan favorite and will be loved by all dessert enthusiasts. Check it out here!

#4: Indulgence - New York
If we could put all every Indulgence flavor on this list, we probably would. One of the big standouts from the international dessert line is the New York flavor. This flavor brings one of if not the best cheesecake tastes in e-juice. It’s technically a New York Strawberry Cheesecake flavor, so you’re sure to be getting the best of a fruity dessert blend. Available in both freebase and salt nic, you can check it out here!

#3: LiFT - Dunks
Remember Dunkaroos? The vanilla dip graham cracker snack from way back in the day that disappeared, and is now some hot commodity? Well instead of spending $20 on a pack of 3, you can enjoy that sweet flavor in your E-juice! This flavor is a hot item and has easily established itself as a fan favorite. Available in freebase, salt nic & 50/50, you can check it out here!

#2 LiFT - Five-0
Imagine a warm, fresh original doughnut from Krispy Kreme or your favorite doughnut shop. Now imagine vaping it. This is very much possible with Lifts doughnut flavored Five-0. This flavor has long been a favorite of many and one of the best dessert E-juices to start with. This is because it's not insanely sweet or overbearing at a first puff, and can really help determine if you like dessert E-juice. Available in freebase, salt & 50/50, you can check it out here!

#1 Indulgence - Honolulu
One of the best dessert E-juices out there is easily Honolulu by Indulgence. This White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie flavor is the definition of what dessert e-juice vaping is. It would be impossible to rank all of Indulgence's dessert E-juices, but we feel like this one deserves a special spot at the top of this list.

Dragon Vape carry many more dessert style e-juice flavors in both freebase and salt nic, to browse them all be sure to check out our whole section dedicated to dessert E-juice here!