The Myths Surrounding Vaping

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You are not alone if you have tried to give up smoking. Seventy percent of smokers say they are interested in quitting. However, it is difficult to stop the habit, despite the health risks. If you gradually switch to vaping, which is less harmful than smoking, you will be able to kickstart your quitting journey. Vaping is surrounded by all types of media from good to bad which results in many misunderstandings. Here we will discuss a few common myths surrounding the vaping discussion.

MYTH 1: There is no difference between vaping and smoking

We have been propagating the myth that vaping is as dangerous as smoking for too long out of ignorance. Many smokers have been unable to switch to e-cigarettes because of this barrier. Research shows that smokers who switch to vaping and stop smoking significantly reduce their exposure to toxic substances associated with tobacco smoke. Nevertheless, the studies do not in any way suggest that vaping is entirely safe. However, using e-cigarettes may not be as harmful as smoking cigarettes.

MYTH 2: Vaping is Not Helpful in Quitting Smoking

Vaping is wrongly viewed as an ineffective method of helping smokers quit. According to the (NHS), there is increasing evidence that e-cigarettes can be beneficial for people who want to quit smoking, and hundreds of thousands of people in the UK have successfully quit smoking using e-cigarettes. A study in 2019 the (NHS) has also shown that vaping is more effective than other nicotine replacement products, such as gum or patches, in helping people quit smoking. While you can manage the cravings for tobacco without smoking by using e-cigarettes, ensure that you get one with the right amount of nicotine.

MYTH 3: Vaping Doesn't Lead To Addiction

There have been claims that vaping is not addictive. In truth, however, most nicotine-based e-juices contain nicotine, meaning that people who use them are likely to develop cravings that may lead to addiction. It is based on this reasoning that children should not vape. During adolescence, the brain is still growing, so young people are more prone to developing a vaping addiction than older people. In spite of this, it is still important to note that any age can be the target of a nicotine addiction.


It's clear that vaping is a very controversial public health topic. Many misinformation has been disseminated on both sides of the debate, making it hard for the general public to determine what to believe. However, it is clear that vaping is far safer than smoking, and, although it is also addictive, it can provide a relatively safer means to manage cravings for people who would like to give up smoking. The best place to get high-quality vapor products is at All dragonvape customers are eligible for free same day delivery across the GTA when orders placed before 12:00pm are $75.00 or more.