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The Pros and Cons of using Vuse (Vype) Pods

on February 19, 2021

If you’re looking to quit cigarettes, vaping is the easiest method, specifically with devices such as Vuse (Vype), STLTH, and Juul. Although these three vape devices have high success rates for quitting smoking, what are the differences between the three and which one is the best? Allow us to break down in these next few blog posts, which one may be right for you, depending on your needs and goals.

We normally say that Vuse (Vype) is most people’s favourite one. It’s the highest quality vape and is the closest thing to a cigarette in the market. Our customers can agree that Vuse (Vype) has come a long way. Vuse (Vype) started off in gas stations and now is in most vape shops. So many of our Dragon Vape customers can say they quit smoking using this device, and some of them have been smoking for over 2 decades.

The design on Vuse (Vype) is classy and thin, similar to Juul. Vuse (Vype) shines most in the quality when it comes to things like not spitting excessively in your mouth, not burning out before the pod empties, the quality of the draw and the quality of the flavours themselves. The main reason Vuse is most recommended for us is the draw/hit that you get on the inhale. It’s smooth and gives you the perfect amount of air (oppose to Juul and STLTH, which sometimes feel a bit too tight and restricted). We absolutely love their Tobacco flavours. If you are trying to quit smoking, we highly suggest getting a Vuse (Vype) device to get started on your journey.

Just like STLTH, the pods have around the same juice capacity (2ml). STLTH gives you three pods per pack, while Vuse only gives you two, but the price for a single pack rests at 12 dollars Canadian so it works out to be almost the same. They have an excellent selection and variety of e-juice as well. Not as many as STLTH but not as little as Juul. I will list some of their flavours below in a minute. But first, onto the PROS and CONS.


  • Convenient
  • Fantastic quality 
  • Fantastic draw
  • Good-tasting flavours 
  • Cheap (compared to Juul)
  • Large juice capacity
  • Sleek Design (like Juul’s)
  • Very consistent draw/hit



I honestly can’t think of many cons. Perhaps the only thing I will say is that every once in a while (but very rarely) one might receive a little bit of spit-back but I haven’t met a device that will never run into this problem, including Juul. 


Flavours Available (not all);