The Puff vs Puff Plus

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The Different Types of Puff Disposables

There are currently two different types of Puff bars available for purchase at Dragon Vape. The original Puff Bar and the Puff Plus. You may not have even known there are different types, so let's break it down and go through them.

Puff Bar & Puff Plus


  • 280mAh or 550mAh Battery
  • 1.3mL or 3.2mL
  • 200+ or 800+ Puffs


All types of disposable vapes have many of the same attributes, same with the Puff and Puff Plus. Both are draw-activated, fully charged out of the box and come in a variety of flavours. Same as all disposable vape pens, they are also closed. However, they are easy and convenient. Once it's empty you simply toss it in the garbage and grab a new one. These are devices that are perfect for new vapers but also the ex-smoker!


The biggest difference between the Puff and the Puff Plus are size and quantity. The Puff Plus is significantly larger than the regular Puff. This is because the Plus holds more e-liquid which allows for more pulls and lasts longer. When trying to decide on which size you want to purchase is all about preference. 

Final Thoughts

As disposables, these are great. They have a good hit and taste amazing! They are both handy little devices that fit into your pocket or for when you're on the go. Personally, these are my favourite when I'm on the move so I don't lose my other devices. If you want to check it out yourself, head over to!