Looking at the Vype / Vuse ePod

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The New Vype / Vuse ePod! 

Formerly known as Vype, we are happy to introduce the new Vuse ePod. It is a closed pod system and is small and easy to use. It has a new design that is absolutely gorgeous and is perfect for beginners. So let's jump right into the features of the Vuse ePod!

The Vuse is formally known as Vype


  • 350mAh
  • 6W Output
  • Magnetic Pods
  • Puff Activated
  • Quiet Draw

What do we Like?


The design of the Vuse ePod is very sleek and elegant. It comes in multiple shiny colours that look fantastic. It has that perfect metal finish, that gives it a modern look. Small and lightweight, it fits easily into your hand and pocket. It may be compact but is perfect for everyday use. 


This device is super easy to use. Like most closed pod systems, it is simply draw-activated. This means all you have to do is inhale and it will fire. The is always a plus for beginners since there are no settings that need to be changed. Or if you are an experienced vaper, it is perfect for a smaller device to carry around for convenience.


The battery in this device is 350mAh with a power output of 6 watts. The Vuse ePod pulls really well. It isn't too harsh and feels really smooth with each pull. It almost feels like you barely have to inhale to get a large cloud. It also gives great flavour, since it doesn't get too hot. Again, this is something that is good for beginners.

What we don't Like?


This is always going to be seen in the "cons" section. Closed pod systems are limited in the way that there are only a few flavours that you can choose from. Not to say the flavours aren't good, but it can be a con if you are looking to expand to different types of flavour.


This is something that is again not a huge problem but is something I noticed when trying out the Vuse ePod. It has a magnetic attachment for the pods which is a great thing. The one thing I observed was that the magnet is a little weak. It makes it super easy to switch out pods without hassle. However, I find that the pod can feel a little loose. It isn't like if you hold the device upside down the pod will fall out, but if you are doing something active the pod may slip.

Finishing off...

To go into the final thoughts, I think this is a great device. It has all the necessary components to be very successful. It is a great starter vape for those who are looking to ease into the vaping scene. If you are looking to grab one of your own, be sure to head over to www.dragonvape.ca! Take a look at our selection of  Vype pods and the Vype Vape Kits we offer!