Top 10 Nic Salts of 2021

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With the introduction of the very first nicotine salt e-liquid, vapers have been quick to adopt and take advantage of this new form of nicotine. JUUL Labs developed nic salt e-liquids to offer consumers a more satisfying hit of nicotine compared to conventional freebase nicotine. By increasing the concentration of nicotine in an e-liquid, manufacturers can provide vapers with a smoother hit, which means less juice is required to produce the same results. E-liquids with salt nic prove to be more cost-efficient and offer a better value for money as a result. Based on quality and taste, we've rounded up a selection of the best nicotine salt eliquids available. This list of e-liquid flavours is based on a subjective point of view, and what we like may not suit you. With that said, the nic salt e-liquids listed here should be able to help you with your decision and may even lead you to your next all day vape.

Nicotine salt: what is it?

It's important to understand what nic salt is before we look at specific nic salt e-liquids. Salts of nicotine (or Nic Salts) are naturally occurring states of nicotine found in tobacco. It is known that e-liquid that contains extracted nicotine salt is more closely similar to traditional methods of absorbing nicotine while providing a smoother inhalation. Hence, Nicotine Salt e-liquids have a higher nicotine concentration than other e-liquids. For new vapers who prefer a familiar taste or for vapers who use mouth-to-lung e-cigarettes, nicotine salt e-liquid makes a great choice. Due to Nicotine Salt e-liquids' higher concentration, high-wattage and sub-ohm devices should not be used with them.

JUUL Labs was the first company to develop a salt nicotine e-liquid, allowing the nicotine variation to be offered to the retail market for the first time. Pod systems were what really brought nic salts to prominence after JUUL introduced them to the market. Pod systems made nic salts accessible to the masses. By using pod systems, vapers were able to keep nicotine levels in check and make the most of nic salt e-liquids.

Among the extensive line of eliquids at Dragon Vape are nicotine salt eliquids from Canada and around the world. We've put together a list of some of the best nic salt e-liquids of 2021, ranked both by taste and smoothness so that you'll know you're getting the best of the web.


Canada E Clouds - Dragonslayer SALT

Java Sauce Salt - Devil’s Jolt

Lift Salt - Fruit Melody

Blossom Salt - Ever Berry

Razz & Jazz Salt - Peach Raspberry

Carbonade Salt - Cherry Lime

AllDay Vapor Salt - Smoovie

Lift Salt - Rainbow Rocks

Harley’s Original Salt - Banana

Caps Salt - Citrus Blast