Top 5 E-Juice Flavours this Holiday Season!

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Our Winter E-Liquid Picks!

The weather is defiantly frightful this winter season! Dragon Vape has some of the best dessert flavours to get you through this holiday season.

Did you know that dessert flavours are more popular in the wintertime? This is because it makes you feel warmer during the cold winter months!


Boosted Rear Diff

Rear Diff from Boosted is one of the perfect flavours for this winter season! It tastes just like a pumpkin spice latte. This flavour will keep you satisfied during the cold days ahead. Be sure to grab your bottle today a Dragon Vape!

Cookie Twist Frosted Sugar Cookie

This frosted cookie-flavoured E-Juice will make those chilly winter days a little brighter. It tastes just like a warm sugar cookie with the perfect vanilla undertones. This E-Liquid will make you feel snuggled up the whole holiday season! Be sure to grab your bottle of Frosted Sugar Cookie from Cookie Twist today.

Jam Monster Blueberry

This is one E-Juice you can't miss out on this holiday season! It is a sweet blueberry jam flavour that tastes just like it was spread on a warm piece of toast. It will keep you feeling warmed up in these chilly times. Be sure to grab your bottle of Blueberry from Jam Monster today!

Sweet Joe

What's better than a nice cup of warm coffee on a winter day? Sweet Joe will keep that toasty feeling all day long. It is the perfect coffee-flavoured E-Liquid that isn't too strong. Be sure to grab your bottle of Sweet Joe today to keep you warm this cold winter season!

LiFT - Dunks

Another delicious sugar cookie flavour to keep you feeling warm inside all winter long! It tastes just like a frosted sugar cookie with vanilla icing and sprinkles. This will keep you feeling like you're eating a freshly baked cookie with every pull! Be sure to grab LiFT Dunks E-Liquid today!


So there you have it! Some of the tastiest E-Liquids at Dragon Vape for this holiday season. These will all keep you feeling a little warmer during the cold months ahead. Check them all out at!