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Summer is here, COVID 19 is real and we are still trying to find a patio! The era of JUUL is dying off and let's be honest, no one is really upset!  So you are looking for a vape device that is small, compact and with a ton of functionality? Then you're looking for one of these. After the first half of the year, here are our top picks for open pod systems in the Canadian vape market.



Weighing in only at 73g this little monster provides the use of GEEKVAPE G -Series replacement coils which pack a punch of flavour and consistency. The unit is small enough to fit in any pocket and with an 800 mAh battery, it will get you through the day.



The Nord brand was established by becoming the most popular vape device of 2019. With a 0.69-inch digital screen and the ability to change watts the Nord brand will stay on top in 2020. SMOK managed to keep the NORD 2 the same size as the original NORD even though they added more features and a 1500 mAh battery (400 mAh larger than the original Nord). Last, SMOK spruced up the look of the NORD 2 with some amazing colorways giving users the opportunity to personalize their unit. The Nord 2 also now allows the use of the famous RPM coils along with the original Nord coils.



If the Nord was the 2019 device of the year, the RPM was a close second. SMOK broke the mold on this guy, with a 0.96-inch digital screen and with the ability to hit 80 Watts on a small open pod system, what more would you need? With a 3000 mAh battery, some beautiful colourways and SMOK's introduction of their new RGC coils this unit is a contender for the best vape device for 2020. SMOK also produced a Pro version that allows the user to swap out a 18650 battery for your patio nights.


UWELL CALIBURN - Yup it's still here!

The UWELL Caliburn is an awesome little unit that has not let off the pedal since it launched. Ideal for someone who is looking for a small sleek device that focuses on Nic Salt. You could use Regular Nicotine vape juice in this baby, but you will find the flavour to be dull compared to the other three in this list. We kept Caliburn as part of this list because it is truly the Closed Pod Killer. This easy-to-use open pod system with a 520 mAh built-in battery to last the whole day, this vape device is sure not to disappoint.

So I will ask you, why buy a JUULSTLTH or any other closed system vape mod? Honestly, I have no clue! If you have any questions or need support for any of the devices mentioned here do not hesitate to contact our customer service at Dragon Vape.