In the same way that mixing epic cocktails can make you the life of the party, creating some great vape cocktails has become increasingly popular. It is no secret that vaping is becoming increasingly popular, bringing with it a whole host of new flavor combinations and a whole host of fun to this modern pastime. You can create tempting new flavors by mixing vape juices - we have all the details here.

A good question indeed E-liquids are available in literally thousands of flavors, so the combinations are nearly limitless. If you want something new and different, mixing juices can satisfy your craving. If you run out of your favorite liquid, mixing juices allows you to create the nicotine level you prefer. Imagine that you wanted 3mg e-juice, but only had 0mg and 6mg on hand. This can be mixed together to create 3mg.

To avoid filling your tank with an unpalatable mixture of e-juice, it's best to start small if you are experimenting with e-juice or trying out a new flavor combination. Remember to keep a note of every ingredient you put into a new concoction anytime you make one. If you come up with an amazing flavor, but are unable to recreate it, that's the worst.

Additionally, it is recommended that you mix from the same bases every time. Propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin are the two main ingredients in all e-juices. You can create a successful blend by maintaining a proper ratio between VG and PG. The higher the amount of PG in the liquid, the greater the throat hit and the less vapour, while the higher the amount of VG, the larger the clouds and the easier it is on the throat.

When you know a few basics about mixing, the next question is “What flavors work well together?” mix? Use?” The sky's the limit - there is a whole world of flavors to discover, and you will have a lot of fun. When you need some inspiration, bear in mind that mixing vape juices is similar to mixing flavours in food.


- E-liquids that taste like tobacco Despite not being a food flavour, tobacco remains a popular choice among vapers. For a rustic and smooth finish, mix it with apple, vanilla, rum, or any number of other options.

- E-liquids with fruity flavors

It is usually possible to combine sweet and tart fruit flavors with smooth flavors such as vanilla or rum. Consider mixing apples and caramel, strawberries and chocolate, or raspberries and white chocolate.

- Sweet e-liquid flavours

If you have a sweet tooth, vaping is a great way to satisfy it without eating any extra calories. Dark chocolate can be blended with sweet fruit, cinnamon can be blended with walnuts and apples, or vanilla can be blended with just about any sweet flavor you can think of.

- E-liquids with a nutty flavor

Nutty-flavored e-liquid pairs well with sweet and spicy flavors just as they would with real nuts. For an old-fashioned taste combination you will love, try hazelnuts or pecans mixed with chocolate, coffee, cinnamon, or apples.

- Flavors of mint and menthol

The mint flavour is a favourite since it helps to freshen your palate and gives your taste buds that zingy feeling. For an explosion of fresh, delicious flavour, pair mint with citrus or chocolate. Another classic combination is mint and vanilla.

These are just a few suggestions and they are only a small portion of what you can do when it comes to mixing your e-liquids. Play around with different flavours and come up with your own ideas - you're bound to end up with a few new favorites for you and your friends.

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