VAPE FAQ - Do Vape Batteries have limits?

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Do Vape Batteries Have Limits?

YES, they do! Like most batteries, as we keep recharging them we wear them out. Vape batteries are no different. Additionally, we have this wonderful thing called voltage and amps that we need to discuss when it comes to vape batteries.

Vape batteries have a maximum charge voltage of 4.2V, a nominal voltage of 3.7V and a discharge cutoff between 2v - 3v. What does this mean? Well, think of Voltage as "OIL" in your car, when your oil is full the car is moving at 100%, when your on empty it's going to damage the internals of your car even though it may still be on. Eventually, you will blow your motor or in this case... blow your mod!


Battery Safety 101 - AMPS & VOLTS

When a battery you're using in your vape pen is fully charged it is holding 4.2v. Now let's say you are using 75W on your favorite vape mod. You would need a battery that can handle the amperage being produced.

How to calculate amps for your vape battery

** Single Battery Vape Mod Example

75W / 4.2V = 17.8 Amps

If you are using a 18650 battery rated at 20 Amps you should be good right? Wrong...

Now you have been vaping all day and your battery is below half power. It would be safe to say your battery is now at a "nominal voltage" of 3.7v. Our math will be different;

75W / 3.7V = 23.4 Amps

Now if your lithium-ion rechargeable battery is only rated for 20 Amps? At best, your battery will start to damage its cells and you will basically be decreasing the lifespan of your battery. At worse, your battery can start to overheat, risking the venting and or even causing a flame.

** Dual Battery Mod Example

Now if you are using a dual battery mod your math would be different again;

75W / 4.2 + 4.2 = 8.9 Amps <-- well under 20 Amps for a fully charged set of batteries

75W / 3.7 + 3.7 = 10.14 Amps <-- Again within its safe range.

High-quality batteries use patent chemistry that can handle some of these stresses. Cheap clone batteries or re-wrapped batteries are an accident waiting to happen.

Here is a great chart to help you further understand battery safety and Amp limits.

Vape battery amp chart to help you understand why vapes can explode.

Final Thoughts

When you visit a vape shop or shop on an online vape shop make sure you're asking questions when you're buying a vape starter kit. If a vape shop tries to sell you a Sub Ohm vape tank that will need 90W but then recommend a single battery mod, you might want to check out another vape shop. Lithium-Ion batteries play a big part in vaping and to avoid a mishap you want to make sure your vape setup is compatible!