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The following factors should be taken into consideration before buying your first vape kit or e-cigarette kit. Let's discuss the factors you should consider when choosing a starter kit.


Is there anything specific you want from your electronic cigarette kit? The three primary types of vape kits are pod vapes, pen vapes, and box vapes.

POD VAPES - A pod vape is typically the most basic design of all three types. In general, they're easy to use, easy to charge, and a fantastic option for beginners. You can refill some pod vapes with your own e-liquid, while others come pre-filled with e-liquid. The downside of pods is that, essentially, they cannot be customized or upgraded.

PEN VAPES - This is a type of vape because it is long, thin, like a pen and it is designed in that way. A vape pen is a refillable and rechargeable device, and is often larger than a pod vape, which means it has a longer battery life. The customizability and upgradeability of pen vapes are limited, even though some of them can have adjustable power settings.

BOX MOD - Box mods offer the most features and flexibility. In box vapes, the battery (or 'mod') is usually shaped like a cube, earning it the name box vape. A small computer chip in these devices allows for a digital display screen, as well as a variety of other features to customize your vaping experience.


When choosing your first e-cigarette kit, another important consideration is the type of draw you want from your device.

MOUTH TO LUNG (MTL) - This type of vape is designed to replicate the inhalation process of a cigarette, by drawing vapour into your mouth, where you inhale later into your lungs. Kits that deliver a mouth to lung hit and a feeling of satisfaction are excellent for people transitioning from tobacco smoking to vaping. Most mouth-to-lung devices produce less vapour than cigarettes and are relatively weak in power.

DIRECT TO LUNG (DTL) - DTL vapes are generally more powerful and produce a higher volume of vapour. As a result, the vapour goes directly into the lungs rather than being inhaled. In these e-cigarettes, the vapour production is more like that of a hookah. For those looking for a greater quantity of vapour, this style may be ideal.


INTERNAL BATTERY - E-cigarettes that use internal batteries have a battery that cannot be removed from the device. Batteries inside the vape have a limited capacity and are charged by connecting a charging cable to the vape. Internal battery vapes are convenient in that you don't need to worry about investing in a replacement battery, but since the battery cannot be removed the device becomes useless.

REMOVABLE BATTERY - E-cigarettes with removable batteries use cells that can be removed and replaced. You can charge some removable batteries from within your vape through a charging cable, but removable batteries last longer when charged via an external battery charger. Devices that use removable battery cells are great since the cells can be replaced as soon as they start to run out of charge, allowing them to be used for a longer period of time. Also, you might consider investing in a second set of batteries so that you can switch them out while they charge. Batteries, although they are not extremely expensive, require care and can be expensive to replace over time, even if they are not very damaged.


BUTTONLESS OPERATED - By inhaling, the battery is engaged, simulating the experience of smoking. The buttonless e-cigarette has practically no learning curve, and it can be used on-the-go since it is portable and convenient.

SINGLE-BUTTON OPERATED - These vapes are operated by pushing a single button, but they're still very easy to use. By pressing the button, vapour is created and can be inhaled. Additional buttons or features aren't needed.

MULTI-BUTTON OPERATED - These are the most sophisticated vaping devices, but they offer the most customization options. In general, these devices should have at least three buttons: a fire button, plus and minus buttons, and a battery engage button. In some devices, these buttons will function differently based on how they are pressed allowing customization of the screen, heat settings, and other features.


FIXED POWER - A fixed power ecigarette does not allow the user to manually adjust the power. Instead, the battery provides the coil with the voltage needed, which will decrease as the battery charge depletes. Fixed power vapes are often buttonless or operated by a single button, so they are very easy to use.

ADJUSTABLE POWER - A vape with adjustable power allows the user to control the amount of power that is applied to the coil. In other words, the user is responsible for knowing the proper wattage, voltage, or temperature settings for the coil, and figuring out how to adjust them. E-cigarettes with adjustable power require some learning, but they are the most customizable and compatible with upgraded tanks.