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Ghost Ghost 20mg Ghost XL - Pineapple Coconut
Ghost XL - Pineapple Coconut $14.99
GHOST XL DISPOSABLE VAPE PEN - PINEAPPLE COCONUT GHOST XL Disposable Vape Pens are perfect for someone on the go, or if you are looking to try vaping before committing to a vape starter kit. We carry a large selection of flavours from GHOST Disposable vapes which offer users an approximate 800 Puff count. Policy changes with Health Canada now restrict us from providing flavour descriptions for certain vape juice, e-liquid, e-juice & pod flavours. NEW BOLD 50 GHOST XL is hybrid nicotine that is 20mg as per federal regulations in Canada however hits like 50mg (BOLD 50). If you are looking to get the same nicotine hit of higher nicotine, give the BOLD series a try.  FLAVOUR PROFILE Pineapple & Coconut GHOST XL DISPOSABLE FEATURES  Fully charged out of the box and on draw activation. Comes with 3.2 mL of e-liquid and 550 maH battery size that will last you all day long. Comes standard with over-inhale and short circuit protection 550 mAh battery 1.5-ohm resistance Approximately 800 Puffs. 20mg or BOLD 50 GHOST XL DISPOSABLE PACKAGE  1 Disposable Vape