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1 Getting started with your first vaporizer
1.1 How will I know what to buy? There are so many different products!

At Dragon Vape we believe that an informed customer will always feel good about their purchase. So we do everything we can to spend time explaining not only how anyone product may work, we actively try to understand your needs and do our best to get you set up with a vaporizer that's right for you.

1.2 Do you have nicotine in your products?

All of the ejuice we carry come premixed with a variety of different nicotine strengths ranging from none at all to levels that will more than satisfy someone who may need more. No nicotine is ever added to our juice in store. Everything you see on our shelves is unaltered and as the manufacturer has intended it to be.

1.3 I've heard that vaporizers explode?

Vaping is known as a safer alternative to smoking, but it can still come with risks. Despite the fact that vaping is unlikely to exceed 5% of the harm of inhaling tobacco, concerns over the safety of vaping are commonly in the news.

1.4 Why hasn't Health Canada or the medical community supported vaping?

  Actually there are a number of very well respected doctors and health care professionals that have fought hard to ensure you have this option available to you.
  Just recently Health Canada added a section about vaping to their official website. We encourage you to do some searching about vaping on your own and bring any questions or concerns you may have in to anyone of our locations and we will be happy to discuss them with you.