How does a vape pen work blog picture on
How does a vape pen work?

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A beginners guide to different types of cannabis vapes blog picture on
A Beginners Guide To Different Types of Cannabis Vapes

Over the past few years vaping has become one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis. Vaping cannabis is easy, discreet, and arguably healthier than traditional smoking methods. But figuring out how and what you want to vape for the first time can be complicated since...

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What types of coils are there? blog banner picture on
What Types of Coils Are There?

Coils are the essential part of your vaping experience as they are the component in your Read more

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Where Can I Vape?

Vaping is something beyond pleasant and fulfilling; we accept that it additionally possibly has the ability to forestall a large number of tobacco-related passings all over the planet. We are glad to convey our excellent and solid substance here a...

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vape tank leaking vape juice on wood table with black smoke on the left
Freebase Vs Salt Nic

When you’re at any of our Dragon Vape locations looking for E-juice, one of the first t...

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Coils & Vaping

When making the transition from smoking to vaping, one thing you may notice immediately is there’s a lot more mechanisms at play compared to a cigarette and a lighter....

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In the same way that mixing epic cocktails can make you the life of the party, creating some great vape cocktails has become increasingly popular. It is no secret that vaping is becoming increasingly popular, bringing with it a whol...

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How Do Vapes Work?

Are you struggling to give up smoking? How about a safer alternative to Read more

5 Tips To Vape Safely

Vaping has become increasingly popular over the years. To those trying vaping products for the first time or smokers trying to quit smoking, vaping has become a part of many people's lives. However, many do not know the importance of vaping safely. Today we are going to be ...

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