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Disposable Refund Policy (IN STORE PURCHASES ONLY)


  • To be eligible for a refund or exchange under this policy, customers must have an account registered in the Dragon Vape system.

Refund Policy for Defective Devices:

  1. Refund Period: Customers are eligible for exchanges on defective disposable vape devices within 24 hours of purchase.

  2. Defective Devices: A device is considered defective if it fails to function correctly due to manufacturing faults. This includes issues like inability to produce vapor, battery failure, or physical defects present upon unboxing.

  3. Non-Covered Issues: The policy does not cover:

    • Customer misuse, including, but not limited to, improper storage or handling.
    • Customer dissatisfaction with flavor, vapor production, or other subjective aspects of the product.
  4. Usage Recommendations:

    • To avoid premature device failure, we recommend not leaving disposable vapes charging for more than 40 minutes at a time.
    • Avoid using fast chargers, as they can contribute to the premature burning of the device.
  5. Exchange Process:

    • Customers must return the defective device to Dragon Vape within the 24-hour period with a valid purchase receipt and must have an account on our system.
    • The device will be inspected by our staff to confirm the defect.
    • Upon verification of the defect, customers will be offered an exchange for the same device model. No cash refunds are offered.
  6. Limitations:

    • The exchange is limited to the same model as the purchased device.
    • This policy does not affect any statutory rights under applicable national laws.