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JUUL Versus Open Pod System Vape Pens

 So, here is a topic we have been meaning to discuss for some time. Are Juul vape pens any good? Why is there so much hype around JUUL and what is JUULING? Well here is your one stop resource on how the JUUL device truly stands up to its competition. To start let's define a closed pod system and an open pod system:

 A closed pod vape system in non-vape-head terms is a vape device that uses pre-filled vape juice pods that fit into your device. Almost all of these vape devices use nic salts within the e liquid which is a form of nicotine that is much smoother than freebase nicotine or regular nicotine, which allows a user to use higher levels of nicotine to help curve any cravings. FACT: I started vaping with a 12mg /Ml vape juice 10 years ago and now use 3mg / Ml and see no need for high levels of nicotine - personally speaking). Once a pre-filled pod is fully vaped, it is tossed out and replaced with another pre-filled vape pod.



JUUL Closed pod system

An open pod vape system like a closed pod system is smaller in size, however this type of vape device gives the user the freedom of picking and choosing which vape juice flavour they would like along with the ability to select which level of nicotine they would like to use. Ideally, a smoker looking to make a switch from traditional tobacco, may start at a higher level of Nicotine and slowly work their way down so they would have less dependency on their vape pen. Unlike a closed pod system like Juul, Stlth or a disposable vape pen, the user would likely also need to replace the coil within the pod along with the vape juice (we will talk about this more later).

Open pod system online vape shop


Why JUUL is being sued

Even though we can talk about how JUUL marketed towards ninth graders in the US, or how their scummy marketing tactics and plans to over take the vape industry blew up in their face for hours, we are just going to focus on the product itself (I had to take a Jab at them).

JUUL was created by James Monsees and Adam Bowen who are the founders of PAX Labs, a popular cannabis vaporizer company based out of San Francisco. Monsees and Bowen basically created a product that at one point owned 70% of the electronic cigarette market share in 2017, with the help of their big brother Marlboro Tobacco manufacturers Altria.

Now the million or I should say BILLION dollar question I should be asking is JUUL really that good or was it really a bunch of kids "juuling" that created the popularity of JUUL. Let us not forget, bad attention is still attention!

Juul replacement pods

JUUL Specifications

  • 200 mAh built in battery
  • 3.7V output
  • 6W - 10W (non adjustable)

JUUL Replacement Pods

  • 0.7 ML Pods with approximately 200 Puffs
  • Coil Resistance 1.6 Ohms
  • Nicotine options - Nic Salt ONLY
  1. 1.5% or 15MG/ML
  2. 3% or 30MG/ML
  3. 5% or 50MG/ML


  • JUUL is a compact, tiny unit that is super easy to use and great for kids to conceal and use in class, I mean it has a super sleek design.
  • The Nic Salt formulation provides a super smooth vaping experience that truly masks the high levels of nicotine for a hardcore adult smoker (So they say).
  • Available at every corner store, gas station and located right above the chocolate bars so you can't miss it!


  • No ability to change power output to customize the vaping experience
  • Limited vape juice flavours in Juul Pods
  • Limited nicotine strengths in Juul Pods
  • Easily becomes addictive as the nicotine levels are so well masked
  • Created for adults but marketed to kids... great work!


A big fat PASS...

The problem with JUUL besides their ethics (I promise I will stop!) is they created a fad. Yes, pod systems will forever be a part of the vape industry but the companies like SMOK, Geekvape, ASPIRE, Vaporesso and so many others have been perfecting their craft in e-cigarette design. The truth is you can really take the JUUL review and put it with all closed pod systems. Even though you have companies like STLTH that have a much larger selection of POD flavours to choose from, you are always going to run into the same issues.

That being said, there is a market for Closed Pod Systems and Disposable Vape pens, but I would like to think that they are designed more for a user who may need they simplistic replacement Stlth pod or Juul pod, instead of refilling pod or an open pod system.


Why is an open pod system better? Well think of open pod systems like a buffet plate and the vape juice selection at your favourite vape shop or online vape shop being your food options. Here is our most common FAQs on why someone should buy an open pod vape pen.


#1 What Vape Juice can I use in an open pod device?

The ability to customize your vaping experience from the flavour, nicotine level and even coil resistance usually correlate to a higher probability of having a higher success rate to quit smoking. To help accommodate adult smokers, vape juice companies like LiFT E Liquids have spent countless hours formulating some really awesome flavours.


#2 Can I select my Nicotine strength in an open pod system?

Now if you walk into any reputable vape shop or contact a reputable online vape shop like Dragon Vape (shameless plug), you are more than likely to hear the "you really don't need that much nicotine" script. As much as you may feel insulted, it is really the truth. The idea of an electronic cigarette is to find the right nicotine level that will be comparable to your current intake. For example, if you smoke a pack of cigarettes today, you may want to start at a 12mg/ml in a Mouth to Lung tank, or a 6mg/ml in a Sub Ohm tank (vape tanks are different based on the amount of vapor they will produce and how much you inhale. Higher the nicotine levels should be used in vape tanks that producer lower amounts of vapor). The beauty of most of the newer Open Pod systems is that you have different replacement pods or coils that allow you to select between Nic Salt or Regular free base Nicotine.


#3 How is the battery life on an open pod vape?

This one is key. Imagine yourself free of using traditional tobacco smokes, at a patio with some friends, kicking back some beers and vaping your favourite fruit vape juice. The night is getting started and your vape device starts blinking red when you're trying to take a puff. This really happens! It is usually an emergency moment especially if Alcohol is a trigger to smoking like it always has been for me! Every open pod system, literally every single one, in the market usually is at minimum three times the battery life or more than any JUUL, STLTH, BO or disposable vape pen!


#4 Are open vape pod systems refillable?

Might seem a little redundant to question #1 but just to be clear, YES! All open pod systems are refillable. Not only are they pods refillable, but you can also change the vape juice you initially had in there! You may find some vape juice flavours like Mint might linger a little bit, but the fact of the matter is you can swamp out flavours in refillable pods.


#5 Do I need to replace refillable pods or the coils for pods?

Now, this can be viewed as a con for some people. Like all coils, over time they need to be replaced. They start to taste dull or sometimes burnt and you feel like you're almost vaping a cigarette. The PRO's of having the ability to swap out a coil is that you can further customize your vaping experience by selecting different replacement pod coils. For example, you have the ability to purchase a coil that is above 1 Ohm, which is typically used for vaping nic salts or higher levels of regular nicotine. Or you can purchase a replacement pod coil that is below 1 Ohm which would be used for more vapor production, usually more flavour and lower levels of free base nicotine. The CON, is you need to replace the coil period. Additionally, sometimes the refillable pod itself needs to be replaced due to natural wear and tear for usually a small fee. But again, might be a PRO in someone's books.

Check out our favourite Open Pod systems here.

So I will ask you, why buy a JUUL? Honestly, I have no clue! If you have any questions or need support for any of the devices mentioned here do not hesitate to contact our vape shops or online vape shop customer service at Dragon Vape.