2021 Canadian Vaping Regulations

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Are you a frequent vaper? Did you visit a vape store recently in the hope of buying a vape with 50mg of nicotine, only for the cashier to reply that they are no longer selling them? Let us explain why.

This is because Health Canada recently updated the vaping regulations, restricting the maximum level of nicotine to 20mg/mL, cutting the initial percentage by a little more than half.

Now, this news may distraught you, or make you wonder whether you’ll ever receive that sweet head-buzz again. But before you start protesting the regulations, here’s an low-down of where it’s coming from.

50mg of nicotine is said to be the same amount of nicotine that a pack of cigarettes holds. This makes the entire purpose of vaping counterproductive as it is intended to help you quit smoking, not prolong your addiction.

Reducing the nic percentage to 20mg may sound like a big leap at first. But after a few days, you’ll begin to adapt and your nicotine tolerance will also decrease, balancing out your system by slowly lessening the level of nic in your body. Also keep in mind that the lower your tolerance, the bigger the buzz. So low tolerance is a good thing, contrary to popular belief.

20mg not enough? Try Salt Nic

Salt nicotine is essentially vape juice created to provide stronger yet smoother hits by vaporizing the juice at a lower temperature. It is more easily absorbed into the system through the addition of benzoin acid, a natural chemical found in plants. Because it is easy to absorb, the nicotine buzz will hit faster and stronger than regular nic.

The only concern with salt nic is that it may not be available in too many flavoured options. You may get bored of the same few flavours after a while. This is why we recommend our store.

At www.dragonsvape.ca we offer up to 25 pages of different brands and flavours for you to choose from! How exciting is that?

Bolder Hits

Companies are now selling e-liquid with the label “bold 50” which suggests that the vape will hit like a 50 but in fact only holds 20 mg. The concentration is created with a hybrid blend of both salt-nicotine and freebase nicotine. This mixture is more helpful for concentration given that the freebase remains in your system for longer than salt nic, providing a more stable and consistent level of nicotine.

This means, you’ll receive the same effects of the juice as you would with salt-nic, making the concentration feel stronger than it really is, without the same level of dependency you’d receive with a 50mg device. Call us and learn more.