Arizer Solo 2 Starter Kit Dragon Vape
Arizer Solo 2 Starter Kit $249.99
ARIZER SOLO 2 STARTER KIT An upgrade of the tremendous Arizer Solo, the Solo 2 features a new LED screen, precise temperature control, and nearly three hours of battery life to go with its fantastic vapor flavour. This is the next evolution in fine vaporizing comfort. It features high power performance, which ensures you have a full day of amazing vaping experience. The Solo 2 gives you harder hits, thicker clouds and an improved airflow overall. And don't worry about maintenance, this device only needs a little, which means you can enjoy using it longer in between cleans. FEATURES ​Dimensions: 114mm x 43mm x 25mm 30-second heat-up Holds up to .25 grams of cannabis Menu Customization All Glass Vapor Path Easy to Clean LED Screen Proprietary charger PACKAGE INCLUDES Arizer Solo II Vaporizer Power Adapter 90 mm Glass Aroma Tube 110 mm Glass Aroma Tube Glass Aroma Dish Belt-Clip Carry Case Silicone Stem Caps Stainless Steel Stirring Tool Stainless Steel Screens Sample of Aromatic Botanicals Owner’s Manual
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Arizer Air 2 Starter Kit Black (Includes Battery)
Arizer Air 2 Starter Kit Black (Includes Battery) $239.99
ARIZER AIR 2 STARTER KIT BLACK (INCLUDES BATTERY) The Arizer Air 2 is a slim and powerful portable dry herb vaporizer, now with precise temperature control. Lightweight and easy to operate, the Air II features a stainless steel-lined convection-conduction hybrid heating chamber and a convenient replaceable 18650 battery. An LED screen displays the battery life, heating indicator, and temperature which can be adjusted between 50°C-220°C (122°F-428°F) using the +/- buttons. The "m" button allows you to switch between Celcius and Fahrenheit, change the brightness of display and volume of the alert, adjust the auto-shutoff timer, and customize the unlock countdown timer. The capacity of the included battery offers approximately 90 minutes of continuous use on a full charge, and passthrough support allows you to use the device while charging via the micro USB port. Alternatively, swap out the battery for a charged one for unlimited use! The convection-conduction hybrid oven heats in 30 seconds to 1 minute and maintains an even temperature throughout the session to deliver smooth and flavorful vapor. The all-in-one glass mouthpiece and herb bowl are simple to load, use, and clean thoroughly, ensuring peak performance throughout the life of the device. Featuring a sleek design and robust construction, the Airizer Air 2 is 122mm in height, and 29mm in diameter, conveniently fitting in the palm of your hand, as well as your pocket or bag on the go. FEATURES For Dry Herb Removable 18650 Battery Stainless Steel-Lined Hybrid Heating Chamber Combined Glass Herb Chamber And Mouthpiece 30 - 60 Seconds To Heat Up Conduction And Convection Heating Full Temperature Control: 122°F - 428°F / 50°C - 220°C Isolated Heating Path USB Charger PACKAGE INCLUDES 1 Warming unit with battery 1 Charger/Power Adapter 2 Glass Diffuser Stems 1 Glass Aroma Dish 1 Carrying Case 1 Clear Protective Silicone Skin ​1 Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
Arizer Extreme Q Kit
Arizer Extreme Q Kit $219.99
ARIZER EXTREME Q KIT The Arizer Extreme Q is a multi-functional vaporizer that can deliver vapor in just minutes. Manufactured using only top-quality parts, the Arizer Extreme Q has the feel you would expect from a high-end vaporizer. Your vaporization experience can be customized to your preference by adjusting temperature and density with the remote control and then choosing to use either the balloon fill system or the extra-long whip to get the vapor out. PACKAGE INCLUDES 1 Pre-Attached Long Whip 3’ Whip Tubing Glass Whip Mouthpiece -Glass Elbow Adapter with Dome Screen 1 Cyclone Bowl With Flat Screen 1 Glass Stir Tool (Colors Vary)
Arizer Extreme Q Replacement Glass Elbow Adapter With Dome Screen 1/PK
Arizer Extreme Q Replacement Glass Elbow Adapter With Dome Screen 1/PK $9.99
ARIZER EXTREME Q REPLACEMENT GLASS ELBOW ADAPTER WITH DOME SCREEN (1/PK) Replacement Glass Elbow Adapter With Dome Screen for the Arizer Extreme Q. PACKAGE INCLUDES 1 Arizer Extreme Q replacement glass elbow
Arizer Extreme Q Replacement Glass Whip Mouthpiece 1/PK
Arizer Extreme Q Replacement Glass Whip Mouthpiece 1/PK $6.99
ARIZER EXTREME Q REPLACEMENT GLASS WHIP MOUTHPIECE (1/PK) Replacement Glass Whip Mouthpiece for Arizer Extreme Q. PACKAGE INCLUDES 1 Arizer Extreme Q replacement glass whip mouthpiece