Is the UWell Caliburn Really That Good?

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UWell Caliburn KING of PODS Vape Kits?

The Uwell Caliburn has been out for a while but is one that is still crushing the vaping game. It is a simple-to-use open pod system and is good for any kind of vaper! This is defiantly one you can't miss out on and is personally one of my favourites. 

The UWell Caliburn Product Video


  • 520 mAh Battery
  • 11 Watts
  • Dual Firing
  • Pro FOCS Coils
  • 2ml Capacity

Why is the Caliburn the BEST Selling Pod Vape Kit?


The UWell Caliburn is one that is simple to use. It is almost the same as an STLTH but has a bit more to offer. All you have to do is fill up the pod, plug it in and pull. Or if you want a bit of a harder hit you can hold down the power button. And that's it! It is that simple! No need to adjust any wattage or anything. It also has a battery light to tell you if your device is fully charged, half charged or dead. It also has a simple design making it sleek and portable.


One of the best parts of this device is that the pods are refillable. Yes, refillable. This is something that STLTH or Juul cannot offer. This means you can use any E-Juice of your choice. It is not limited to any flavours or pre-filled pods. Make sure you check out the amazing selection of E-Liquids Dragon Vape has to offer! The pods can also be switched out with the KoKo pods uWell will also offers. These are a bit more powerful, giving you a better hit and more flavour.


The battery inside of the device is 520 mAh and does not take a lot of time to charge. I can usually charge mine in my 20-minute drive to work and it will go from dead to fully charged. It defiantly does not need to be charged overnight. 


What We DON'T Like!


This device does feature built-in coils with the pods, with each pull killing the life more and more. Especially depending on the sweetness of the E-Juice you choose. This can make the flavour not as powerful when the pod is new. This makes it so that you need to swap the pods more often even though they are refillable. Just as with any other device, you need to make sure the coils are primed before use or you can risk burning them. This is nothing new. It is hard to tell however since the coils are pre-installed into the device. You need to let your pod sit for a few minutes before use which can be a little bit annoying.


Final Thoughts

The UWell Caliburn is an amazing device, and a lot of people's favourite, including mine! It is a small device that delivers everything you need. It is simple and easy to use. If you are a newer vaper looking for a simple but powerful device then this is one you need to grab.