Aspire Aspire 1.0 Ohm Aspire Breeze Replacement Coils (5/PK)
Aspire Breeze Replacement Coils (5/PK) from $14.99
ASPIRE BREEZE REPLACEMENT COILS (5/PK) Shop Aspire Breeze U-Tech Replacement Coils, designed specifically for the portable Aspire Breeze Kit and the Aspire Breeze 2 Kit. The replacement coils are optimized for robust flavour recreation in smaller devices with stainless steel encasing the core of Kanthal heating elements and organic cotton.*NOTE: Not Interchangeable With Nautilus X U-Tech Coils. All coils can be used for free-based nicotine or nicotine salts.* COMPATIBLE WITH Aspire Breeze 2 Aspire Breeze FEATURES 1.0ohm - Optimized for Nic Salts 0.6ohm 1.2ohm Kanthal Heating Element PACKAGE INCLUDES 5 Aspire BREEZE replacement coils
Aspire Breeze NXT 0.8Ω Replacement Coils (3/PK) Dragon Vape Canada
Aspire Breeze NXT 0.8Ω Replacement Coils (3/PK) $9.99
ASPIRE BREEZE NXT 0.8OHM REPLACEMENT COILS (3/PK) Discover the Aspire BREEZE NXT Coils, built for the latest version of the Breeze NXT Pod System. It's a 0.8ohm mesh coil which integrates a simple plug and go fashion, to ensure a rapid and evenly heated firing with each inhale. COMPATIBLE WITH Aspire BREEZE NXT Aspire BREEZE NXT Replacement pod FEATURES Made for Aspire BREEZE NXT 0.8ohm KA Mesh Coil - rated for 15W - 20W Bottom Coil Installation - just plug and go PACKAGE INCLUDES 3 Aspire breeze NXT Replacement coils
Aspire Starter kits Aspire AVP Replacement Pods (2/PK)
Aspire AVP Replacement Pods (2/PK) from $0.00
ASPIRE AVP REPLACEMENT PODS (2/PK) A 2 pack of 2mL replacement pods for the Aspire AVP AIO Pod System. COMPATIBLE WITH Aspire AVP 650/700mAh Pod Kit FEATURES 1.2 ohm coil resistance Nichrome mesh 2mL pod capacity PACKAGE INCLUDES 2 Aspire AVP Replacement Pods
Aspire 1.2 Ohm Spryte BVC (5/PK) - Best Vape Store in Canada
Aspire Spryte BVC (5/PK) $13.99
ASPIRE SPRYTE BVC (5/PK) Aspire Spryte BVC Replacement Coils presents Bottom Vertical Coil Technology for robust flavor, with a range of compatibility for Aspire atomizers and the Aspire Spryte AIO kit with the 1.8ohm or 1.2ohm BVC NS Coil for Nic Salts. Comes in packs of 5. COMPATIBLE WITH Aspire Spryte Kit Aspire K1 PAL II PRO Artery PAL II FEATURES 1.2ohm Resistance 1.6ohm Resistance 1.8ohm Resistance 10-12W – Optimized for Nic Salts PACKAGE INCLUDES 5 Aspire BVC Coils